Published on March 30, 2023 (about 1 year ago)

Create real-time video with native mobile SDKs

Paul Klein
By Paul Klein3 min readProduct

An overwhelming majority of video is created and consumed using smartphones. When was the last time you recorded a video with something other than a phone? And it isn’t just recording; all of our favorite ways to communicate with video happen on our mobile devices.

Time and time again, our customers have come to us saying “we want video SDKs to add video chat features into our mobile apps!” Well, today, I have great news for you. We’re excited to announce that Mux's Real-Time Video SDKs are now generally available on iOS and Android, allowing developers to integrate real-time video capabilities into their native apps faster than ever.

LinkWhat is Real-Time Video?

Real-Time Video is the most developer-friendly way to build real-time communication into your application, no matter what you're building or how you're building it. Whether you’re looking to build 1-to-1 video experiences, host small group video meetings, or broadcast to millions, you can do it all with Real-Time. Learn more about Mux’s Real-Time Video here.

LinkWhat platforms do your SDKs support?

Our SDKs are currently available on iOS, Android, and Web. We’re always looking to support new platforms, so let us know what we should build for next by emailing

LinkWhat can I do with these SDKs?

Looking to get inspired? There are tons of ways to use real-time video in your product. It’s handy if you want to add video chat to your up-and-coming social networking product. Or maybe you’re building the best e-commerce application ever, and you want your customers to be able to video chat with a sales expert. No matter what you’re building, our Real-Time SDKs make it easy for developers to quickly add real-time video features into their applications.

LinkHow does it work?

Real-Time Video is powered by WebRTC, an open-source communication protocol that enables real-time audio and video streaming. The SDKs leverage the underlying WebRTC protocol, as well as several improvements under the hood to provide best-in-class video quality and reliability. We know firsthand how complex it is to wrangle native device APIs, so we’ve gone to great lengths to abstract away the hardest parts of adding video chat functionality in your applications.

LinkThe big picture

Mux's Real-Time Video SDKs are a powerful tool for developers building Real-Time Video capabilities into their applications. With low latency, high quality, and scalable features, these new SDKs make it easier than ever to create engaging and immersive video experiences within native apps.

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