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Case study
Powering high-quality music experiences with live streaming




Live streaming for off-stage concerts


San Francisco, CA



Cadenza is a live video streaming platform for hosting concerts working closely with artists to deliver a high-quality experience using multiple cameras and professional lighting and audio in a studio setting. The platform is complete with links to the artist's Spotify, social media, and merchandise store and offers the audience an opportunity to engage with emoji reactions and Q&A. Every production is of premium quality yet remains raw, uncut, and authentically catered to any genre of music.

Link42Icon"MVP"s do not work in the music industry

Launching a product in the music industry requires a high standard of performance and reliability in order for an artist to be willing to use it. Cadenza had to do a lot of testing and simulate as close to real world user scenarios as possible before involving real artists.

From the engineering side, one of the biggest challenges was to prepare for the thundering herd problem. A live stream with a very popular artist could easily bring a couple million users to the site at the same time. Without the luxury of slowly scaling infrastructure with gradual growth, Cadenza had to prepare for any artist that wants to live stream.

Link42IconUsing Mux for video

As a team, Cadenza had many years of engineering and product development experience, but zero prior experience with video tech. Recognizing that video tech has a steep learning curve compared to other software technologies, they knew their team would be best served by focusing on building their core product and offloading the video streaming technology to Mux.

Jason Mattaice, CTO at Cadenza, was able to easily get a working prototype of Mux from his webcam to a video player during a flight from New York to San Francisco and was quickly conviced that this would be the right solution for Cadenza.

Link42IconUsing Mux for data

Monitoring the performance of their live streams is just as critical to Cadenza's success as high-quality production. For this, they use Mux Data to track and monitor the number of concurrent viewers and the playback experience while concerts are live. The Mux Data integration gives everyone on the team visibility into the experience of end users to make sure they're having a smooth experience.

Link42IconOnly the beginning

Cadenza is only getting started. The first public live stream with The White Buffalo went live on Sunday, April 5 and they are currently working with more artists for upcoming shows. Stay tuned!

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