Published on March 1, 2022 (about 2 years ago)

Announcing Mux for Startups

Justin Forth
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We’ve got some awesome news. We’re giving startups access to tons of credits to get started using Mux for free. Startups are eligible for at least $500 in Mux Video credits. We also have specific credit packages available through leading incubators and venture firms, including Y combinator (#alum!), Andreessen Horowitz, Pioneer Square Labs, Sweat Equity Ventures, and Techstars. Plus, we’re working with AWS Activate to provide exclusive benefits to Activate startups. Whether you’re a bootstrapped, 2-person operation or a VC-backed unicorn-in-the-making, we’re ready to help you build video into your product today.

LinkWhy are we doing this?

“Do a lot with a little” is a core value here at Mux, but it’s also a reality of any resource-strapped startup. For Mux, this means we look for opportunities to do more with less and turn hard problems into easy problems. Mux is made up of startup veterans and company builders. We understand the pain points that come with getting businesses up and running, and the sheer amount of tools, systems, and software involved.

Mux is your “do a lot with a little” partner for getting video into your product. We often hear that including great video in a new product takes hours with Mux, rather than days with other platforms. You could smack together dozens of services to build and maintain a video delivery pipeline. Or you could use our API and let us handle encoding, storage, delivery, and scaling while you focus on… everything else you have to do!

Link$500 in Mux Credits. What does that mean?

This totally depends on your product. Different applications have wildly different costs associated with them, but this kind of money would cover real, meaningful use for a startup, potentially for quite a few months.

$500 in video credits =

  • 300,000 streamed minutes
  • 10,000 people watching you make dinner for 30 minutes
  • 204 days of straight video (time to binge!)

LinkWhere do I get started?

  • If you’re an AWS Activate startup, find us in the Activate Console and click through to the Mux offer.
  • If you're part of the a16z family, find us in the Andreessen Horowitz Marketplace.
  • If you’re building with Retool, find us in the Retool for Startups page.
  • If you’re backed by other firms, bootstrapped, or not sure what you might qualify for—apply at and we’ll be in touch to get you started.
  • If you have questions, or if you’d like to partner with us to offer exclusive perks for your portfolio, reach out to

LinkTake the money and run!

Today, our customers range from at-home fitness platforms to stock trading apps and everything in between. We’re excited to help you use video, no matter the use case. We’re here to help, so take the money and run with it!

Written By

Justin Forth

Justin Forth – Director of Strategic Partnerships

Prior work includes AWS (startup and VC partnerships), THX (yes, the George Lucas company), and a varied ad-tech startup background. Currently leading Strategic Partnership efforts at Mux. Named after a rockstar. When not working, he's chasing powder on his snowboard, or trying to avoid injuries running, cycling, and being outside.

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