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Open source software

We’ve always been deeply involved with building Open Source software and contributing to the community is a core part of who we are. Check out these projects that we've created or contributed to.


HLS Stream Validator

A tool to analyze HLS streams.

Oss Tls

TLS Certificate Expiry Monitor

Exposes the expiration times for certificates installed on each server.


Media Chrome

Your media player's dancing suit. 🕺 Fully customizable media player controls using web components (native custom elements).

Oss Chrome

Chromium Broadcast Demo

A simple demo showing how to use Chromium as a WebRTC rendering engine.

Oss Videojs


Our founders created Video.js and continue to be active contributors to the world's most popular open source HTML5 player.

Oss Vmaf

Effective VMAF Visualizer

Estimates the average delivered VMAF for HLS manifests

Platforms & SDKs

We want you to be able to build video using the language of your choice. If you don’t see your language on this list, let us know!

Mux Contributor Program

Thought about making something with Mux? We love seeing fun stuff built using our Mux Video API and we want to formally recognize the time and effort you put into it.

What counts

  • Must use our Data or Video APIs
  • Real world example
  • Contribute to one of our SDKs or other open source repositories
  • Must be original (i.e.not just convert our example into another language)

What you get

  • Mux Contributor swag kit
  • Name and company mentioned in the ReadMe
  • Credit published on our Contributions page
  • $50 (or more) credit added to your account

For minor pull requests you may earn one or more of the above gifts. There’s no upper bound on what you can earn. If you create a full application and we see you put in a lot of work, we’ll send you something special.

How to submit

Step 1

Open a pull request on a Mux Github repo (for example, If you are unsure about your changes feel free to open an issue first in the relevant repository so we can give you feedback along the way.

Step 2

We’ll review your PR and let you know if it was approved. (Remember that you don’t have to be done writing all of your code to open a pull request. If you have questions or want some guidance, feel free to open a pull request early so that we can discuss.)

Any questions?

If you have something not specific to a repo or have any questions, feel free to email us directly at We’re excited to see what you build!

No credit card required to start using Mux.