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On a grey background, three symbols connected to one another. A the top of the image is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Connected below is a green circle with a check mark to the left and a red circle with a dash to the right. Lock Private

Failure severity for Mux Data

Differentiate between failures caused by critical errors and those caused by non-critical errors or business rule exceptions. In private beta.

A slider going from $0 to $500 with a stop sign and part way through the slider. To the left of the stop sign, the bar is green, to the right, it's grey. Coming soon

Spending caps for Pay as you go and Starter plans

Avoid unexpected bills and set spending limitations on your Mux plan. This feature is in the early exploration phase.

On a black background is a chart in purple that's moving up, to the right. Above the chart it reads total and average. To the left there's a list of Ad Metrics. Ad impressions at 8.5M, Ad attempts, Ad breaks, Ad errorsLock Private

Ad metrics

Monitor ad performance and delivery and how they impact your viewers' QoE. In private beta.

On a pink background is a locked video screenComing soon

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

DRM is the process of protecting content with certain playback restrictions. This feature is in the early exploration phase.

videoSecurityPlayback restrictions
On a dark background is a yellow graph displaying the previous year's data sorted by monthComing soon

Long term data retention

Long-term viewership data retention, starting at 13 months, helping you understand video engagement and how it changes over time. This feature is in the exploration phase.

Key in cloud on a blue backgroundComing soon

Additional SSO providers

We're always exploring additional SSO providers to manage your Mux Dashboard login.

A screenshot of a code editor with example code connected to a window rendering an example of a Mux Uploader user interface.Beta

Video uploader component for web

<mux-uploader> is a drop-in web component that makes it easy to upload video files to Mux. In public beta.

Refrigerator with storage coming out of the freezer on a blue backgroundBeta

Automatic cold storage

Our newest pricing lever with up to 40-60% savings for assets that haven't been accessed for 30 days or more. In public beta for pay-as-you-go customers.

videoPricingCost control
iPad and Android phone showing a video uploader UIGA 🎉

Upload SDKs for mobile

Used with the Direct Uploads server-side API, these SDKs allow you to process videos faster and control costs on mobile. Now GA.


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