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Welcome to the Mux Blog

We're a team of engineers, marketers, designers, all passionate about video and the work we create together. Welcome to our blog about video.

If you can read this, your browser captions are broken
12/05/22December 5, 2022(about 2 hours ago)
12 min read

If you can read this, your browser captions are broken

Gary Katsevman
by Gary Katsevman
Engineering12 min read
I’ve seen a lot of captions over the years, and there’s one thing I can tell you with certainty: The way that custom controls and the HTML video element interact right now is inadequate, and I think t ...
A screenshot of a real-time video call with many participants
12/01/22December 1, 2022(4 days ago)
5 min read

Developing real-time video without all the meetings

Bobby Peck
by Bobby Peck
Engineering5 min read
In this post, you'll discover ways that you can simulate a video call with many participants–without having to invite many participants at all!
Real-Time video is (really!) here.
11/29/22November 29, 2022(6 days ago)
6 min read

Real-Time video is (really!) here.

Phil Cluff
by Phil Cluff
Product6 min read
Good news, everyone: after spending a little over 6 months in beta, Mux Real-Time Video is now in General Availability! That means that you can develop all your amazing real-time video applications wi ...
Partnerships anniversary: a look back
11/11/22November 11, 2022(24 days ago)
16 min read

Partnerships anniversary: a look back

John Reigart
Eric Elia
Julia Garrahan
by John, Eric, and Julia
Partnerships16 min read
It’s been exactly a year since we launched the Mux Partner Program. As we celebrate this anniversary, we want to take a look back at the impact this team and our ecosystem have had, both for Mux and f ...
An illustration of a robot standing amongst a forest of tall trees. The robot looks lost and confused. Don't worry, robot. We're here to help you.
11/04/22November 4, 2022(about 1 month ago)
3 min read

Finding your way in the Jamstack forest

Dave Kiss
by Dave Kiss
Engineering3 min read
At the risk of sounding like an old man, I can barely keep up with the JavaScript landscape. Between server components, islands architecture, incremental static regeneration, code optimization, and th ...
A browser showing Mux Player loading
11/01/22November 1, 2022(about 1 month ago)
6 min read

How we made Mux Player’s loading feel great

Darius Cepulis
by Darius Cepulis
Engineering6 min read
With lazy-loading and a blurhash placeholder, we make the loading experience of Mux Player feel great in our Next.js app
Manage captions and get production-ready Mux Player code in the latest update to the Mux Contentful app
10/27/22October 27, 2022(about 1 month ago)
5 min read

Manage captions and get production-ready Mux Player code in the latest update to the Mux Contentful app

John Reigart
Erik Peña
by John and Erik
Partnerships5 min read
Mux is proud to partner with Contentful, the API-first content platform, to help you create, manage, transcode, publish, and stream video content on any digital channel. We’ve been hard at work since ...
A product shot of black boots walking in the snow, with the text "New Arrival: Step toward adventure" and an "Explore" button
10/26/22October 26, 2022(about 1 month ago)
4 min read

The modern shopping stack: how Commerce-UI marries video and ecommerce to drive results

Eric Elia
by Eric Elia
Partnerships4 min read
See how Aether brought their beautiful, cutting-edge storefront to life through Commerce-UI, alongside Mux partners Sanity, Shopify, and more.
A screenshot of a Next.js blog with Mux Player on it. Blogception.
10/25/22October 25, 2022(about 1 month ago)
4 min read

Using Mux Player to Add Videos to my Next.js Blog

Liam Lindner
by Liam Lindner
Engineering4 min read
In this post, I'll show you the simple steps to embed a video in your Next.js blog or website by using the newest player package from Mux.
image of mux player
10/19/22October 19, 2022(about 2 months ago)
13 min read

Slow is stable, stable is fast: building Mux Player on the “slow” platform of web components

Dylan Jhaveri
by Dylan Jhaveri
Engineering13 min read
There have been a lot of hot takes and chatter flying around the interwebs about web components over the last few months. We read a lot of it, but the day-to-day 280-character hot takes on Twitter are ...
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