Published on December 22, 2021 (over 2 years ago)

Going live is too hard.

Lan PajePaul Klein
By Lan and Paul2 min readCompany

After spending the last year building Stream Club, a creator-first live streaming studio, we’ve learned first-hand how difficult adding live streaming to your web application can be. We knew there had to be a better way.

So we set out on a mission to make it easier to build live streaming applications. And today, we’re joining forces with Mux to make our shared mission a reality.

We recently launched Stream Club Cloud to enable developers to add live streaming to any web application in a few lines of code. By partnering with Mux, we’re going to be able to deliver a more seamless process for developers building live video applications - something that’s challenging to do, but more important than ever.

One of Mux’s values is turn customers into fans - and we’ve lived that first hand. We have been a Mux customer for over a year now, and they have played a key role as our video infrastructure provider. Mux’s deep video expertise is an excellent complement to our ambitious product vision. Together, we want to provide developers with the platform that supports all their live video needs.

What does that mean?

Developers should only need one video platform to create great live video.

Too often, we met customers who were hacking together various solutions to get the result they desired. This meant more time spent chasing bugs and less time building features.

Creating live video content is scary, so the software must be friendly.

Our customers don’t want to know about b-frames or RTMP; they just want their video to look great. Our job is to abstract away the complexity of live video and empower those building great products.

Live video becomes powerful when you add engagement.

Interactivity is key to an engaging livestream. In the past, it’s been challenging for developers to dynamically update a livestream. We’re pushing the boundaries on how programmable we can make live video to unlock new mediums of viewer interaction.

The best video applications have yet to be built. And we want to create the software that will enable them to thrive. This is a massive opportunity, and we can’t wait to get started with Mux.

Written By

Lan Paje

Drives stick, makes candles, eaten McDonald’s in 23 countries. Co-founder of Stream Club. Can usually be found at the dog park with his golden retriever pup, Ella.

Paul Klein

Code creator and problem solver. Previously co-founder of Stream Club and technical lead at Twilio. Catch him racing his bike up Hawk Hill for sunrise.

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