Published on May 18, 2022 (about 2 years ago)

Using Mux on .NET and the JVM with mux-csharp and mux-java

Ed Ropple
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So, like a lot of people who were writing code in the 2000s and apparently unlike the inimitable Phil Cluff, I fell in with an object-oriented crowd. In college I wrote some C# for the Mono Project as part of Google's Summer of Code, while for my classes I plugged away at Java. Java 6, no less--raise your hands if you thought writing anonymous inner classes was for the cool kids.

I was a Netbeans man, then, 'cause I hadn't yet heard the good word about JetBrains. Also, I feel old. But! Anyway! With age comes wisdom, maybe-kind-of, and Mux DevEx is pleased to bring you a new pair of API SDKs for your video enjoyment: mux-csharp and mux-java, for use on .NET and the JVM.

Linkmux-csharp (and its other .NET friends)

Linkmux-java (and Kotlin, Clojure if you're saucy, etc.)

Now, a caveat: you're going to see that the versions on both of these releases are v0.1.0. By releasing these SDKs at a pre-1.0 number we're signaling that, while we believe that these are production-ready, they aren't set in stone; we may need to revise the API surface based on user feedback and, while the SDKs operate as per the behavior described in our docs, the SDK-specific documentation is a work-in-progress. In particular, our C# examples aren't complete, though I think that they're probably sufficient to get you going; our Java examples are more thorough. (Our Java examples map 1:1 to the same calls and concepts in C#, though, so if you need a little more sooner, give those a look.)

We'd like the help of our C# and Java users to refine these SDKs and make them better. These are for you all, and learning how best we can support you is why we're here. If you're giving mux-csharp or mux-java a try and want to show us what you're up to, drop us a line on Twitter @MuxHQ. And if you've got any feedback, please feel free to email for a direct line to the SDK team or to file an issue on GitHub--we want to hear from you!

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