Published on May 4, 2020 (about 4 years ago)

Mux named one of the Best Places to Work

Becca Axvig
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We’re honored to announce that Mux has been named among the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2020. The employee feedback we received through the process helped us name some things that are working for our team, even (or maybe especially) during this unusual time for us all.

A few things make start-up life interesting: change is fairly constant, risk is certain, and small teams are out to accomplish big things. As we navigate ever-changing times, we’re learning that some things can be solid, even if the ground beneath us is shifting. In observing what’s working for our team, we see our company values weaved into each aspect of team life. Our six values are:

  • Care Obsessively
  • Be Human
  • Turn Customers into Fans
  • Be Clear and Direct
  • Bias for Action
  • Do a Lot with a Little

Here’s what we’re learning:


No matter how fun your job is or how much you get paid, at the end of the day, most people attracted to start-up life want to be a part of something big. Something that started small, made a real impact, and had their name indelibly written in the lore of the organization. You can see this in any team member at Mux as they live out our Care Obsessively value. What keeps people here is a clear understanding of our vision. At Mux, our vision is to power online video. nbd. To be a part of something that audacious, as a 41 person team, is quite frankly….exciting (and sometimes stressful). But we don’t just want to power all the video, we want to Turn Customers into Fans as we do so. No easy task. Even though the world around us has changed in ways incomprehensible a few months ago, our vision has remained solid and unchanged.


As our team grows, the composition of the team changes regularly. But something that can remain constant is listening. This speaks to our value: Be Clear and Direct. It’s only when people are encouraged to speak up and there is an eager listener on the receiving end that teams know who they are, what they are going after together, and how best to get there. Listening can help you stay nimble (what’s working, what’s not working). Some ideas turn into opportunities for Bias for Action moments when we can implement something great right away. Listening can identify when things have gone astray so you can address it quickly or simply apologize and reset. Listening is the ultimate Do a Lot with a Little value behind people operations. All it takes is time, intention, and a willingness to change.


Humans have a long history of creating rhythms - whether it be in music, dance, traditions, celebrations, or simply marking the passing of time on a calendar. While dancing can be a great stress reliever (try it!), our rhythms at Mux are less exhibitionist and come in two categories: stepping away from work together and staying in step at work as a team.

To live our value of Be Human, we remember that all of us are more than just the work we produce during the work day. Whether it’s a “day of learning” where Muxers step away from the computer and try something new together or a team volunteer day where we roll up our sleeves and work side by side for a cause bigger than ourselves, these rhythms help us stay creative, stay grounded, and simply have fun together.

To stay in step as a team, we prioritize weekly company syncs and monthly All Hands gatherings as a way to encourage transparency, welcome questions, and dive deep into the pressing matters of the time. As a team, staying in step with each other and with our vision doesn’t mean publishing it once and forgetting about it, it means repeatedly aligning our progress, struggles, and strategy with it at regular intervals. Even if our team’s needs change over time, rhythms are key to staying in step at work as well as disrupting the norm and stepping away together.

Though being named among the Best Places to Work was not top of mind for our founders when they started building a great team in 2016, the thoughtfulness and intentionality behind how to build the team laid a solid foundation as we continue to grow. The Best Places to Work survey results were a great way to gain insights into why people love working here as well as call out important lessons to hold on to as we scale. We hope to keep learning, keep listening, and hold true to our (big) vision. If you’re interested in joining us, check out our job openings here.

Written By

Becca Axvig

Previously business ops at Zencoder and Brightcove. Reads Dickens for fun, gardens when Minnesota allows.

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