Mux + Sanity = Responsive video in headless CMS

December 18, 2018 (over 4 years ago)

Mux + Sanity = Responsive video in headless CMS

Bonnie Pecevich
Bonnie PecevichCustomers 1 minute read

Big news!

We’re excited to announce our first partnership for Mux Video. We’ve combined forces with to make it easy to upload and preview videos within their CMS, then deliver great video experiences at scale.

Sanity is a fully customizable headless content management system. They’re thoughtful about how to structure content and spent a lot of time building out a flexible image pipeline that could transform and re-crop images. However, when it came to video, they recognized that it would be a completely different beast and one they didn't want to tackle alone. We were happy to help!

Mux was a perfect fit because we have all the key components for video– encoding, storage, and delivery–ready to go in one API. Our tight integration between viewer experience data, a unique just-in-time transcoding engine, and expertly configured CDNs means you can be confident that your users will get the best video viewing experience in addition to all of your other content through Sanity.

Check out Sanity’s blog post for more details and step-by-step instructions on how to use the Mux plugin.

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To kick off our partnership, we’re offering a joint promotion! Get 2x the normal monthly usage with Sanity PLUS $50 credit when you register with Mux (just mention “sanity” to our team).

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