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A picture of a book with a bookmark in it. The book contains a digital video with a playback bar at the bottom.
05/18/22May 18, 2022(3 months ago)
5 min read

Saving video playback progress in your application

Dave Kissby Dave Kiss
Engineering5 min read
In this article, you'll learn how to keep track of video playback progress by building recallable video playback into your application.
The Mux logo, placed between the C# and the Java logos.
05/18/22May 18, 2022(3 months ago)
2 min read

Using Mux on .NET and the JVM with mux-csharp and mux-java

Ed Roppleby Ed Ropple
Product2 min read
Mux now supports .NET and the JVM as first-class citizens with mux-csharp and mux-java, available today!
A very classy looking anthropomorphic video tape recorder with tape coming out.
05/17/22May 17, 2022(3 months ago)
4 min read

We're getting Mux folks together for a soiree. Some might even call it a user conference.

Matthew McClureby Matthew McClure
Company4 min read
We're doing the conference thing: The Mux Informational is coming to a screen near you for free on May 24. Here's why we're doing it, and why you should join.
A screenshot of the Mux guestbook project
04/27/22April 27, 2022(4 months ago)
10 min read

Leaving an impression in our video guestbook

Dave KissDarius Cepulisby Dave & Darius
Events10 min read
If you’ve ever attended a conference in person, you know just how taxing they can be. You try to present your best self: unravel the hotel iron from the closet, work that one uncooperative cowlick to ...
04/20/22April 20, 2022(4 months ago)
3 min read

Billing page improvements: transparency, clarity, and control

Laura ThelenTed Schuhby Laura & Ted
Product3 min read
We’ve redesigned our billing page, with the goal of helping you to better understand your Mux usage and avoid any unexpected surprises.
an image of a side car
04/18/22April 18, 2022(4 months ago)
10 min read

Envoy as a service-to-service proxy

David Matherby David Mather
Engineering10 min read
This miniseries will talk about some of Mux's usage of Envoy networking proxy within our Kubernetes clusters.
An illustration of a person holding a skateboard covered in internet-themed stickers.
04/05/22April 5, 2022(5 months ago)
11 min read

The skater punk’s guide to MediaRecorder

Dave Kissby Dave Kiss
Engineering11 min read
In this post, you'll be introduced to the MediaRecorder API and learn how it's not so different from operating a video camera IRL.
How live is your stream? Measuring live latency at scale with Mux Data.
04/04/22April 4, 2022(5 months ago)
6 min read

How live is your stream? Measuring live latency at scale with Mux Data.

Steven LyonsJohn Riskeby Steven & John
Product6 min read
Announcing the beta for the Live Stream Latency metric!
Two phone illustrations side-by-side. The left one is pink and represents polling. The right one is green and represents webhooks. On the left under polling, the user has to ask for data each time. This is represented by the user chatting to someone and then getting a response back with data. On the right under webhooks, the user never has to ask for data and just gets it. This is represented by the user never appearing in the chat.
03/24/22March 24, 2022(5 months ago)
6 min read

Verify direct uploads with Mux webhooks

Thuy Doanby Thuy Doan
Engineering6 min read
A step-by-step guide on how to use Cloudflare's secure tunelling software to test webhooks in local development.
So you want to build a real-time start up?
03/15/22March 15, 2022(5 months ago)
4 min read

So you want to build a real-time start up?

Garrett Gravesby Garrett Graves
Video education4 min read
We are in the Golden Age of Real-Time Video. There are multiple options for building a real-time video application, all with varying levels of complexity.
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