Published on June 5, 2023 (12 months ago)

Video Startup Failure: New metric in the Mux Data Monitoring Dashboard

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Today we are excited to announce that Mux Data can now calculate and show Video Startup Failures in the Monitoring Dashboard.

This metric is a subset of Playback Failures. Unlike Playback Failures, which include any view that encounters an error during playback, Video Startup Failures are limited to views that fail to begin playback, be it ads or content. Specifically, Video Startup Failures occur when a view has attempted to start playback (indicated by a viewstart, play, or adbreakstart event) but encounters an error (error event) before playback begins (playing or adplaying event is not received, suggesting that playback never began).

Previously, it was possible for customers to identify Video Startup Failures by looking at Playback Failures and manually pinpointing video views that failed to start. Adding the new Video Startup Failure metric has significantly simplified this workflow.

One key distinction is that Video Startup Failures frequently have different root causes than general Playback Failures because of the unique initialization and loading events that occur at startup. Being able to distinguish between Video Startup Failures and general Playback Failures can help developers better investigate issues, such as identifying a specific loading error more quickly.

The Video Startup Failure metric is now available via the Mux Data Monitoring API and Monitoring Dashboard. It can be used as a monitoring metric in the API with the breakdown and time-series monitoring routes, giving customers the ability to store this data internally to connect to analytics or alerting functions.

You can access the Video Startup Failure metric from the dashboard in the Data Monitoring page, which is available to all Mux Data contract customers. If you have questions about accessing the dashboard, please contact our sales team for assistance.

Both the Monitoring API and Dashboard serve the data in near real time. Our industry-leading data latency makes sure that you can gain a deep understanding of your video infrastructure’s quality and performance without delay. As always, we are here to help if you have any questions.

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