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Crowdcast is a live video event platform designed to help creators, teams, and organizations reach their community and grow their audience. Their mission is to help creators make a living doing what they love. In the process, they amplify voices and make meaningful ideas accessible to everyone. Currently, Crowdcast powers 20,000+ live events with nearly 1 million viewers each month.

LinkThe rise of live streaming

Live streaming has been around for some time now and Crowdcast has been at the forefront for the past 5 years. Unlike other platforms, Crowdcast offers a feature-rich experience which includes ticketing, chat, polls, Q&A, and shareable moments.

These days there are plenty of social media platforms to get exposure for your streams. However places like Facebook, Youtube, Periscope, LinkedIn, and Twitch don't let you engage or nurture relationships with individual viewers of the audience.

Using multistreams, you can stream your Crowdcast to multiple sites and ask viewers to join you in Crowdcast. Because Crowdcast has benefits like the ability to ask questions, join the chat, come up on screen, and collect the emails of your attendees, you can build and own a direct relationship with your audience that’s not controlled by the social media platforms.

LinkHow Crowdcast uses Mux

Crowdcast uses Mux’s video API to deliver video for RTMP broadcasting to large audiences for live streaming and recordings. Recently, Crowdcast has hosted events like the Hay Festival and Singularity University which had live viewing audiences in the tens of thousands.

Crowdcast also uses Mux Video to power user uploaded videos when creators need to edit and replace a recording from a live stream.

“Mux allows us to give our creators the option of using RTMP studio to go live. There are two ways of going live, in-browser and via RTMP studio,” according to Sai Hossain, CEO of Crowdcast. “About 15% of Crowdcast sessions use RTMP studio which allows us to receive a video feed from any 3rd party live video editor like OBS or a hardware device like a Tricaster. This is perfect for creators hosting live concerts, in-person events with a stage, multiple camera angles, DJing, etc. Mux powers those sessions, handling everything from creating multiple quality levels to allowing mobile users an easy way to watch.”

No credit card required to start using Mux.