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Helping creators deliver great content: How Fourthwall built native video with ease




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LinkIn Fourthwall's own words

Will Baumann, CEO of Fourthwall: We deliver content for amazing folks with amazing audiences that love them, but we're not a video processing company and to not have to think about different parts of that equation while we build is really valuable for us. Mux does that and it's just easy. It just works.

Fourthwall allows creators to build fully branded online digital experiences. So think a custom, branded, website where they can offer products all the way to paid for videos. So think you pay $10 a month and you get access to a giant catalog of videos. This ranges from one-minute content to five-minute content to I think it's in like five-hour content. And so we use Mux to power all of that.

LinkMaking it easier for creators to reach their audiences

When we started to build our memberships offering, we knew we needed natively built in video. I think it's just a much more premium effect and audio as well. But video is really the main driver. We researched, candidly, every single option. Mux kept coming up as the number one ease of integration was amazing that it's just a couple of lines of code and like "boom".

We've been growing quick and it's been nice that Mux has been able to scale with. We will have a creator who drops a video and they have hundreds of thousands of people who are probably going to watch that in the next short window ensuring it's super smooth and easy. It doesn't crash halfway through the upload process and that there's messaging along the way and then playback and sharing this can play back on a wide variety of devices.

We want to provide amazing tools to our customers from Twitch streamers to YouTubers to Instagramers to TikTokers to anyone who has an online audience in any form and Mux makes that job easier.

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