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Moving 5x faster with reliable video infrastructure




Personalized video platform


San Antonio, Texas



As a personalized video platform, Sendspark’s goal is to help businesses connect with their customers through conversational video messages. Sendspark sits at the intersection between email and real-time communication--it's embeddable in the support and messaging apps you're (likely) already using. It helps businesses communicate even better with their customers--instead of just explaining things, you'll be able to show customers what you mean.

But does building a company centered on video mean that the founders need to be expert video infrastructure engineers? Not for Sendspark. “We wanted to make sure that we were focusing on building the important parts of the company, but not reinventing the wheel when it came to video,” says Bethany Stachenfeld, Sendspark’s CEO and Co-founder. “We just wanted to be able to hit the ground right away and build our differentiator without spending a year building out the video tech stack.”

Searching for a video API that could be easily integrated into their platform, Sendspark started to use Mux. This enabled them to get the first version of their product done in less than a month. Even after their launch, Mux played an integral role in the development time, allowing them to move five times faster than expected.

“It's not just being able to release features faster,” says Bethany. “There's also the maintenance. Being able to depend on Mux to know that things are going to continue to work really well. And, if there's ever an issue, Mux solves it quickly.” Bethany and her team now focus on building features, growing, and maintaining their platform knowing their video infrastructure is in good hands with Mux.

“Mux has been our backend infrastructure dev team, in a way. We can trust that a lot of these processes, like uploading and transcoding, are handled well.”

LinkJust scratching the surface

Sendspark is bringing personalized video into sales, marketing, and customer communications platforms. As the desire for video within these spaces continues to expand, Sendspark is growing with it. Moving beyond sending and receiving video, Sendspark is looking to give businesses more tools to connect with their customers. Bethany says, “We're continuing to build innovative ways to help businesses quickly create personalized videos and incorporate them into the customer experience. To be super fast and efficient, but then add that personal touch and bit of human authenticity in the right spot.”

“Mux is our core for that,” Bethany continues, “We know we're going to have our basics down--it's going to upload fast, it's going to be reliable. Then, we get to add our own Sendspark magic to make video fun, intuitive, and effective for our customers.”

No credit card required to start using Mux.