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Case study
Reducing customer complaints to zero by solving critical issues in video quality




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WealthFit strives to provide the best training on money, investing, & entrepreneurship to everyone via online and on-demand courses. Their training staff consists of some of the top investors & entrepreneurs in North America. In just 3 years, they’ve published over 140 courses and continue to expand into new topics.

LinkIssues with video quality and delivery

When WealthFit first started out, they used an online video platform (OVP) to host and deliver their educational videos. Over time, however, they were getting customer complaints that their video quality wasn’t consistent. They were about to take on a large project to redesign and rebrand the product and wanted to ensure they gave users an excellent experience across the whole platform.

While researching an alternative solution, Ray Farias, a Full Stack Engineer at WealthFit, evaluated AWS but they didn’t have the time to implement it. Then he came across Mux and learned that the Video API was not only easy to implement but would also automatically optimize video delivery. Due to Mux’s advanced encoding processes, videos are delivered at the highest rendition and optimal bandwidth for every user, ensuring the best viewing experience.

In addition to video quality, Mux provided the level of flexibility that Ray was looking for. He needed something that would allow them to use any video player they wanted so they could build their own custom features, like interstitial ads. Plus, Mux would save them money as they grew since it cost ~30% less than the OVP.

LinkBenefits twofold

After implementing Mux, the benefits WealthFit experienced were twofold. “On the dev side, we actually don’t interact with Mux anymore. We created processes so that our content team knows how to get content to Mux and get it into our content management system. So it freed up dev time,” said Ray.

On the customer-facing side, Mux helped solve their critical issue with video quality. “We have virtually no complaints about our videos and delivery. Mux Video definitely helped increase customer engagement and confidence in our product, and that directly contributed to the growth of our business.”

No credit card required to start using Mux.