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Cloud Video Encoding, Evolved.

Cloud Video Encoding, Evolved.

Mux has built the most advanced cloud video encoding platform for on-demand and live streaming video. Using the data from billions of video views, our video API delivers the most efficient streaming and the fastest publishing times around.

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Video is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

icon for Publish instantly

Publish instantly

Don’t make your users wait for encoding. With Mux, videos are encoded while the first viewers watch them. This just-in-time transcoding gives you the fastest video publishing possible. Whether it’s a 5-minute video or a 2-hour movie, you can watch it in just a few seconds after upload.

icon for Never re-encode again

Never re-encode again

Devices change and new codecs are introduced, but with Mux you can future-proof your videos. Mux will automatically update codecs and renditions over the life of a video with no extra work or cost on your part.

icon for Reach every viewer

Reach every viewer

Mux's per-title encoding approach tailors video sizes to the content of a video and delivers an experience that’s measurably better than Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming alone.

icon for Scales automatically

Scales automatically

Our Video API was built to scale. You’ll never have to worry about spikes in usage or spinning up additional servers. Plus, there are no caps on the size or number of video files you can run through us.

Get started in minutes,
not months.

POST a video to the Mux Video API.

POST the URL of any video file using the Mux API. Mux will ingest the file, create a video asset, and prepare it for streaming.

Stream it anywhere.

Just add the Playback ID to and you’re ready to integrate with your video player.

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Improved quality through machine learning

Mux Video uses machine learning to instantly choose the right resolutions and bitrates for each video (the "adaptive bitrate ladder"). The result: measurably better quality vs. encoding every video to the same static ladder.

Learn more about Per-Title Encoding

Better together

Our advances in video encoding are made possible through a tight integration between global viewer experience data, a unique just-in-time transcoding engine, an optimized streaming origin, and CDNs expertly configured for the most efficient video streaming.

Mux Data

We track video performance, too.

Mux Data tracks errors, rebuffering, startup time, and video quality for billions of streams around the world. We use this data along with machine learning to continuously optimize our customers’ video performance.

Learn more about Mux Data
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From our customers

"Using the API is accelerating our development by a lot. The API is simple, and we know that the Mux team has incredibly deep experience with transcoding pipelines and streaming optimization, so we don't have to worry about any of that."

Kwindla Hultman Kramer, Co-founderKwindla Hultman Kramer company

"When you consider we are a content production house plus a video production business plus an eCommerce business, not having to also worry about being a video distribution service is massively valuable to us. It’s taken the problem away."

Dan Rosewarne, CTODan Rosewarne company

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