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Create a Live Events platform that both content creators and audiences love

Mux is a powerful API-first video streaming platform that makes building live streaming easy for any development team.

Live Event platforms that trust Mux
Atomic Live

Go from zero to live streaming, in a couple of minutes

With clean documentation and straightforward onboarding, you don’t have to be a video expert to build live streaming into your web or native applications. Focus on building your platform, and we’ll handle the live streaming.

Customizable experience demo with chat, overlays, thumnails, and more tools

Design fully customizable experiences

Whether you want to add chat, overlays, thumbnails, or clips, we have the tools and features that let your customers create unique events.

Flexible for any business model

Your video platform shouldn’t prevent you from monetizing how you want. Have the freedom to add digital tickets, merchandising, and anything else to support your customer’s event.

Broadcasting demo to any social media platfrom

Broadcast to your favorite social media platform

Broadcast live events to other platforms with Live Simulcasting. We make it easy to restream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more.

Scale Illustration

Scale you don’t have to think about

Our infrastructure scales to handle thousands of concurrent live streamers and millions of viewers. You’ll never have to worry about spinning up additional servers when your event sells out.

Metrics and filtering tools

Monitor performance in real time

Our meticulously designed metrics and powerful filtering tools help you see what your users are experiencing, around the world and across devices. Learn more

Visibility into both sides of the live stream

With Live Stream Input Health monitoring the incoming stream and the Real-Time Dashboard providing metrics from viewers’ players, you can quickly spot, triage, and resolve issues quickly.

Live video, in seconds

Use the Mux Video API to connect your streamers with your video players.

POST https://api.mux.com/video/v1/live-streams
	"playback_policy": "public",
	"new_asset_settings": {
	  "playback_policy": "public"

Step 1
Create a stream key

The Live Stream object in the Mux API is a record of a live stream of video that will be pushed to Mux. To create your first Live Stream, send a POST request to the /live-streams endpoint.

API Response body
	"data": {
	  "stream_key": "your-secret-stream-key",
	  "status": "idle",
	  "reconnect_window": 60,
	  "playback_ids": [{
		"policy": "public",
		"id": "your-public-playback-id"
	  "new_asset_settings": {
		"playback_policies": [
	  "id": "your-live-stream-id",
	  "created_at": "1589547489"

Step 2
Broadcast to Mux.

Mux supports live streaming using the RTMP protocol, which is supported by most broadcast software/hardware as well as open-source software for mobile applications.

Sample Playback ID

Step 3
Stream it anywhere.

Add the Playback ID to stream.mux.com. Mux instantly creates the right renditions for every device and bandwidth, resulting in lower costs and better viewer experiences.

They said it best
To get into live streaming, there’s stress around getting something up: figuring out what your production is, what’s the content, and then all these other added layers to it. I think what we’re tasked to do together in partnership is how do we alleviate that fear on the way in. When you're in that stressful environment you just want something that is trustworthy, scalable, and reliable.
Ari Evans
Founder and CEO, Maestro
Maestro logo
They said it best
From the engineering side, one of the largest challenges that we have prepared for is the thundering herd problem where a live stream with a very popular artist could easily bring a couple million users to our site, all at the same time. Without the luxury of slowly scaling our infrastructure as we grow, we’ve had to make more expensive decisions now to be prepared for any artist that wants to do a live stream with us. This is probably the best part about not having to worry about our video streaming pipeline by using Mux.
Jason Mattice
Cadenza logo

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