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Mux for generative AI video applications

Mux for generative AI video applications

Your expertise is AI, our expertise is video infrastructure. Mux can help you take your generative AI project to production.

AI platforms that trust Mux
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Simple, developer friendly APIs.

With clean documentation and straightforward onboarding, you don’t have to be a video expert to build video into your generative AI application.

A code example showing an API call. Input, Playback policy, public.

POST /v1/assets

Send your AI generated videos to Mux with one API call. Mux processes, stores and delivers your video globally.

Mux Player


Use your own player, or use <mux-player> with one line of code. Learn more about Mux Player

The Mux Data dashboard displaying a viewer experience score, a count of total views, and a breakdown of how many views came from iOS, Android, and Windows

GET /data

You’re never flying blind with Mux. Mux Data gives you detailed visibility into the performance and engagement of your videos at scale. Learn more about Mux Data

Additional benefits

Don’t page your engineering team when your AI generated video goes viral. Mux is built to scale.

HLS? Bitrates? Multiple CDNs? Device compatibility? Mux handles all the difficult pieces of video for you.

GET /video

No credit card to start. $20 in free credit when you're ready.