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Get $10,000 in Mux credits to start building beautiful video today!

Mux is an API-first video and performance monitoring platform that makes it easy to integrate on-demand or streaming video into any product. Spend days not weeks building a world-class video experience that looks great across any device.

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AWS Activate member startups get:

Price Tag

$10,000 in credits for Mux Video

Get started with our Video API today – live streaming or on demand video, we've got you covered on $10K for encoding, storage, and delivery.


30 day trial of Mux Data media tier

Enjoy free access to our highest tier for Mux Data, and get insight into key metrics of your video performance including: engagement, video quality, and network performance.


30 min consultation with a Mux executive

The Mux co-founders are the minds behind the world's most popular open source video player, Video.js, and the first cloud transcoder, Zencoder. Pick their brains for video and startup best practices.

Features to build your dream video experience

Focus on differentiation, not video infrastructure

We provide battle-tested live video infrastructure that won’t get in the way so you can spend more time building unique experiences around and on top of Mux.

Flexible for any business model

Video infrastructure shouldn’t be a blocker to monetizing however you want. Give your customers the freedom to add digital tickets, merchandising, or anything else they want to support their event.

Focus on differentiation, not video infrastructure

Broadcast to your favorite social media platform

Broadcast live events to other platforms with Live Simulcasting. We make it easy to restream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and more.

Broadcast to your favorite social media platform

Scale you don’t have to think about

Our infrastructure scales to handle thousands of concurrent live streamers and millions of viewers. You’ll never have to worry about spinning up additional servers when your event sells out.

Scale you don’t have to think about

Monitor performance in real time

Our meticulously designed metrics and powerful filtering tools help you see what your users are experiencing, around the world and across devices. Learn more

Visibility into both sides of the live stream

With Live Stream Input Health monitoring the incoming stream and the Real-Time Dashboard providing metrics from viewers’ players, you can quickly spot, triage, and resolve issues quickly.

Monitor performance in real time

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  • Offer only valid for AWS Activate Customers
  • Must not be an existing Mux Customer
  • Must be a first time recipient of Mux Credits
  • Credits must be used within 1 year of activation

No credit card required to start using Mux.