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FlutterFlow is a low-code platform for native mobile applications, bringing development and design into one tool. Customizable widgets and integrations allow users to build and deploy scalable applications 10x faster.

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Building a Live Streaming app using FlutterFlow and Mux

This article will guide you in building a full-fledged live video streaming app using FlutterFlow and Mux

Build a broadcast feature in minutes using the MuxBroadcast widget for FlutterFlow

Adding a live streaming or broadcast feature allows users to watch the event in real-time. Instead of building the live streaming from scratch, you can use the ready-made widget called MuxBroadcast, which is available right inside FlutterFlow. The MuxBroadcast widget allows you to build a broadcast feature in minutes, and you can focus more on your app's core features.

FlutterFlow adds live streaming with Mux!

Want to build the next Twitch, an online yoga platform, or other live-streaming application? FlutterFlow's new integration with Mux makes it fast and simple to implement high-quality livestreams and video playbacks.

Mux live streaming in FlutterFlow Documentation

Learn how to enable the Mux Livestream integration in your FlutterFlow app. Just add your Mux API keys and deploy it!

Live Stream using Mux and FlutterFlow

Get a Sample Flutter app for live streaming using MUX that allows you to create and start live stream, get the list of streams and delete a live stream (long tap on a stream tile).

Creating a serverless live streaming app using Flutter and Mux

Live streaming has become one of the essential forms to distribute media content to people all across the globe. In this article, we'll look at the Mux platform that handles all the complexity of a live streaming pipeline and integrates it with a Flutter application.

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