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Google Cloud and Mux are helping companies streamline and add intelligence to their video workflow.

Automate your video workflow with Mux & Google Cloud

Mux Video simplifies live and on-demand streaming by bundling multiple services into one API, automating the challenging technical work of encoding, hosting, and delivery.

Mux & Google Cloud Pub/Sub

The Mux Data integration is the only tool on the market that enables you to gain meaningful insights into your videos' most important metrics. Integrate with Pub/Sub to capture these important events in realtime:

  • Isolating video encoding or delivery errors at specific points in a video title.
  • Understanding rendition selections made by players across numerous dimensions - video title, device platform, application version, geography, and many more.
  • Deeper insights into viewer interactions with the video.

How it works in 2 easy steps

  1. Mux provides Mux's Google service-account IDs, project ID, and project number to the customer so they can grant Mux access to their Pub/Sub service.
  2. Mux enables real-time exports to the customer Pub/Sub stream in production & staging.

Meticulously designed metrics and powerful filtering tools that are critical to your platform's success.

Mux Video is an API that enables developers to build unique live and on-demand video experiences.

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