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Sanity is a structured content platform powering remarkable digital experiences. The Sanity Studio provides real-time editing experiences, and the hosted Content Lake allows you to query your content as data from any application or website. Digital professionals rely on Sanity to collaborate in real-time, ship experiences faster, and delight customers with rich-media content.

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The modern shopping stack: how Commerce-UI marries video and ecommerce to drive results

Mux has partnered with a number of platforms and solutions to empower retailers and the developers who bring their storefronts to life. This includes Sanity, the popular headless publishing platform to manage editorial portions of their websites, including video publishing via the Mux-Sanity integration, and Sanity + headless Shopify Plus to power the product pages themselves.

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How Commerce-UI leveraged Sanity and Mux to bring an in-store experience into the digital realm

Learn how Commerce-UI helped Aether Apparel build a fast, robust, and flexible ecommerce store that perfectly reflects Aether's brand — bold, adventurous, and built to last. Powered by headless Shopify Plus, Sanity CMS, and Mux.

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Moving the Mux blog to the JAMstack

In this post, Dylan from Mux.com presents why and how Mux moved their blog to the JAMstack using Sanity.io for content, and Gatsby.js to build the frontend.

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First class responsive video support with the Mux plugin

When Mux reached out to Sanity about integrating with their video streaming and analytics platform we had no doubts that it would be a good fit.

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Mux Video Input Sanity Plugin

Upload videos to Mux directly from the studio.

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Tinloof upgrades Mux plug-in for Sanity

How Tinloof improved discoverability of previously uploaded videos when adding Mux videos into Sanity.

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