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Tinloof is an agency that designs and builds web applications and sites. They help businesses establish a strong web presence by supporting with headless CMS integrations, performance optimization, and technical SEO.

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How Tinloof used Mux and Sanity to create a fast and engaging Shopify store for Tony's Chocolonely

Tinlook designed and developed a demo store based on their favourite chocolate brand, Tony's Chocolonely, to showcase their approach to creating fast and engaging Shopify stores using Mux and Sanity.

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Tinloof turn to Mux, Sanity, Algolia, Stripe, Supabase and more to build a high-performance, stats-driven experience for Goalimpact

Tinloof composed a modern content stack, including Mux, Sanity, and Stripe, to build a fast, functional, and gorgeous experience for Goalimpact; an objective player rating platform that ranks football players based on their impact and provides useful insights to scouts and fans.

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How Tinloof build fast Shopify stores with Mux

Research clearly shows that the slower the ecommerce is, the less likely visitors are going to purchase; 79% of customers are less likely to buy again if dissatisfied with site performance, and 64% of mobile users expect an ecommerce to load in 4 seconds or less. Here are five tips on how Tinloof creates fast Shopify stores that satisfy both users and search engines.

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Powering video courses for Heavybit with Tinloof, Sanity, and Mux

Heavybit is a leading investor in developer startups. When they set out to re-platform their site, they called on Tinloof to pick the best-in-class developer tools. With Sanity as the headless CMS, they picked Mux for multimedia management, so that the content team could easily manage and schedule content via the plugin.

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Tinloof upgrades Mux plug-in for Sanity

How Tinloof improved the discoverability of previously uploaded videos when adding Mux videos into Sanity.

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