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How to build integrations that actually work.

Making Integration Work report on a graph background that says free download.

Integrating software can be as easy as stacking blocks, but beware, a haphazard approach can lead to major problems down the line. Often, it’s more like building furniture from the ground up: it requires intention, careful planning, and maybe even a user manual along the way. Even with plug-and-play solutions, it can be challenging to ensure you’re checking all the boxes and making sure you have tools that will grow with you. Despite all the challenges, these integrations are essential. When done successfully, you can unlock myriad opportunities to realize new revenue, stay flexible, and move quickly when it matters most — getting to market.

The DPP teamed up with Mux and other industry leaders to break down thoughtful software integration, and how it empowers companies to work smarter and drive real results.

Download this three-part report (on the house!). Over three parts, you’ll learn about the opportunities integration offers, where expertise comes to play, and how to follow through. Here’s a closer look at what’s inside:

  • Why software vendors should prioritize flexible APIs for their customers over custom-built integrations
  • How careful documentation and information-sharing make for well-defined, reusable software building blocks
  • Why abstraction sets the groundwork for flexibility, security, and successful data mapping
  • How successful integration is the key to meeting evolving business needs and offering more powerful tools

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