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How to build successful video streaming at scale

How to build successful video streaming at scale

Building an amazing streaming experience at scale doesn’t come without challenges. As more and more consumers tune in, dev teams need to ensure they’re relying on scalable and rapidly deployable solutions to build this fundamental component of their tech stack. Content creators and distributors alike need to ensure video delivery is perfect--whether thousands or millions are consuming the content--to create a spectacular experience for each and every viewer.

Working with industry leaders like Mux, the DPP crafted a report that examines what it takes to build a streaming solution at scale.

Downloads of the Streaming at Scale Report are sponsored by Mux, so get it while it’s free! You'll learn:

  • How creative platforms like Maestro enable interactive live experiences with the help of video technology partners like Mux
  • The critical role of monitoring video performance and Quality of Experience
  • What to think about when planning for scale
  • Creative ways to alleviate the sharp peaks in demand
  • What to prioritize if issues do arise

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