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How interactive video drives e-commerce success

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How is e-commerce changing? Ten years ago, it was a catalog of products linked to a checkout flow. Today, e-commerce is evolving into fully immersive showing, sharing, and shopping experiences that require reliable infrastructure to maintain and grow. From product explainer clips to influencer-led live shopping, video is a powerful tool driving e-commerce success. No longer a bonus feature, video is an essential part of the e-commerce tech stack.

Join Maya Spivak, from Mux, as she chats with Molly Sinsheimer, Accounts Director at Studio, and Max Drut, Co-founder and CEO at LyveCom about how they’ve seen interactive video impact the industry. Whether you’re developing your own e-commerce platform or looking to grow the reach of your brand, this webcast will explore ways to step into the next evolution of e-commerce by building in video.

In this online event, you’ll learn:

  • How to use interactive video in e-commerce
  • The benefits of owning your video experience versus just using another company’s proprietary app
  • The infrastructure requirements for success with live shopping

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