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Free streaming for events affected by COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time. Thousands of live events around the world are being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is necessary and important, and we’ve even been impacted (Demuxed Europe). We also know that this is a hardship for many. Events are important—they bring people together to learn and connect, and many livelihoods and businesses depend on them.

Mux wants to help. We’re offering free live streaming and a helping hand to any event that needs to go online due to coronavirus. Doing our part to flatten the curve doesn't mean we have to stop streaming and learning from each other!

Companies that trust Mux Video for their streaming
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The not-so-fine print

icon for Who's eligible

Who's eligible

Any one-time conference or meetup cancelled due to COVID-19 is eligible to participate. If you've moved a recurring meetup online, still reach out! We can't provide quite the same deal, but we're happy to provide credits.

icon for We'll chip in

We'll chip in

We'll cover the first 1 million minutes of streaming and 1 thousand minutes of ingest, and we’ll give you a 20% discount off our list price on the rest.

icon for Share the love

Share the love

We'll take your incoming live stream and make it playable for all your viewers based on their available bandwidth and device capabilities. In exchange, we ask that you include a small Mux logo in the bottom corner of your video (we'll take care of this for you).

icon for Access to experts

Access to experts

To make sure you hit the ground running we'll give you access to the Mux experts to help you figure out how to build the best experience for your streaming conference.

Live Video, in seconds.

Use the Mux Video API to connect your streamers with your video players.

  "playback_policy": "public",
  "new_asset_settings": {
    "playback_policy": "public"
API Response Body
  "data": {
    "stream_key": "your-secret-stream-key",
    "status": "idle",
    "reconnect_window": 60,
    "playback_ids": [{
      "policy": "public",
      "id": "your-public-playback-id"
    "new_asset_settings": {
      "playback_policies": [
    "id": "your-live-stream-id",
    "created_at": "1589547489"

Create a stream key.

The Live Stream object in the Mux API is a record of a live stream of video that will be pushed to Mux. To create your first Live Stream, send a POST request to the /live-streams endpoint.

Broadcast to Mux.

Mux supports live streaming using the RTMP protocol, which is supported by most broadcast software/hardware as well as open-source software for mobile applications.

Sample playback ID{PLAYBACK_ID}.m3u8

Stream it anywhere.

Add the Playback ID to Mux instantly creates the right renditions for every device and bandwidth, resulting in lower costs and better viewer experiences.

Simple API

We designed our API to just get out of the way and let you build. You worry about building a great event app, we'll handle the video stuff. If you run into any problems along the way, we've got your back.

We're in this together

Whether you're expecting 100 developers from a local meetup or a full, international conference, we can handle the scale. We'll cover your first 1 million minutes streamed for free and give you a sweet deal on the rest.

Mux Data

We'll bring the data too

One of the scariest parts of taking your event online is the unknowns about the experience. We can't completely make that fear go away, but we can at least give you insight and visibility into your viewers' experience. We'll give you free access to our Real Time product during your event.

Learn more about Mux Data
Mux Data Screenshot

From our customers

"When you consider we are a content production house plus a video production business plus an eCommerce business, not having to also worry about being a video distribution service is massively valuable to us. It’s taken the problem away."

Dan Rosewarne, CTODan Rosewarne company

"We offer over 140+ courses and Mux Video helped improve the quality and reliability of our videos. This definitely helped increase customer engagement and confidence in our product, and directly contributed to the growth of our business."

Ray Farias, Full Stack EngineerRay Farias company

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