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It’s time for faster, more scalable video

We think your video can do more for you. Get our free demo and see what we mean: start building faster, improve performance across all your video, and focus on what makes your business shine.

A player connected to a console showing a Mux API request and its response

One API, endless possibilities

With Mux Video, developers can build the on-demand, live, and real-time video experiences that drive their company’s brand and goals forward — while getting everything out the door faster.

Build the player of your dreams

Every video deserves a beautiful web player, and Mux Player gives you all the tools to build it. Our player is designed for any page and app, in one platform, for any Mux Video experience.

Data at industry-leading scale and speed

Mux Data gives you all the streaming analytics you need at industry-leading speed, so you can understand user engagement and take action to improve the quality of experience for viewers.

Get the most out of every video

Let’s see what we can do together.