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Transparent. Flexible. And dare we say, fun? Meet the Mux platform.

Not everyone has scalable infrastructure, predictable pricing, and tons of flexibility. But that's the Mux way. Reach out now and see if you qualify for 100K minutes of free ingest, extra support for migration, discounts, and more.

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Surprised by your video platform bill?

That shouldn’t happen. Our API is simple enough for any dev team — and that's why our pricing is simple and transparent, too. Switch today to start saving, and be done with surprises.

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Build video into your product, just the way you want

Some platforms make it hard to build video experiences. Mux believes devs are the key to great video, so we designed our entire infrastructure with the dev experience in mind to let you do your thing... You like doing your thing, right?

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Variety is the spice of video

Here’s a question: Why isn’t your video platform keeping up? We’ve got a different approach. Mux supports live, on-demand, and real-time video. Sign up today for real flexibility.

They said it best
We researched a few different options and Mux was the best as far as cost. And we realized, oh, it's actually really developer friendly. We can actually build on top of this. Once we found Mux, we just started integrating it. So now everything, all the video in the platform, is powered by Mux.
Michael Anthony
Co-founder and Interactive Director
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No credit card required to start using Mux.