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Build video in one sprint or less

Mux helps you build unique live and on-demand video experiences at scale, with the kind of developer experience you and your team will love.

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Billions of minutes served for companies like

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Instant everything

Our median time to get a video ready for playback is less than 2 seconds. That’s 100x faster than your other options.

Price Tag

Flexible pricing

Automatic discounts and pricing levers that allow you to add video into your product without breaking your business model.


Proven at scale

We serve billions of streams for thousands of customers. Mux is a battle-hardened system that’s handled everything from volume spikes to Internet outages over the years, so your mission-critical streams are safe with us.


DevEx at our core

Developer experience isn’t just an afterthought, it’s core to our product philosophy. We take pride in great docs, tooling, and best-in-class support from developers.

On-demand video

Add native video uploads to your application quickly and easily. We can handle whatever your users throw at us, from weird file formats to millions of viewers.

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Mux Uploader with several different file types being dragged towards it

Live video

Give your customers the ability to go live in an instant, whether it’s 1 at a time or 1,000. Live streams instantly turn into on-demand recordings, and we support modern industry standards like low latency.

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Mux Live Stream with a live indicator and viewer countLIVE29Kmp4

Seamless integration with our open-source player

Take advantage of all of Mux’s features by using our player. Whether it’s a native player that gets out of your way on iOS and Android or a player for web based on modern standards. It’s beautiful out of the box, deeply customizable, and live in your app in minutes.

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Mux Player with a video and several different metadata fields1 2 3 4 5 6mux-player "on-demand" "EcHgOK9coz5K4rjSwOkoYMIC200RI6lNxnhs" "easter egg" "user-id-007" mux-player< stream-type= playback-id= metadata-video-title= metadata-viewer-user-id=></>

✨ And so much more

From features like magical thumbnails and gifs that are just one GET request away, to drop-in elements for displaying the number of current viewers, if you can imagine a video feature you want to add to your app, Mux can probably help build it. See the rest

One more thing. Our industry-leading analytics product has tracked the Internet’s largest streams, and it’s available for free for Video users. Learn more

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They said it best
We built an in-house MVP solution for video, but rather than spending our engineering team’s time navigating and maintaining video infrastructure, we turned to Mux. With Mux, video just works, which means we can focus on building the best product for Substack creators and trust that video is solved.
Jairaj Sethi
Co-founder and CTO
They said it best
We researched, candidly, every single option. Mux kept coming up as the number one ease of integration was amazing that it's just a couple of lines of code and "boom".
Will Baumann
They said it best
We wanted to balance our core competencies as well as the speed at which we aimed to bring video to market for our community. Everything from the encoding to the delivery to the storage, as well as analytics capabilities — there is a lot of value that partnering with Mux really provided us. Functionally, the end-to-end capability was huge.
Scott Yim
Group Product Manager
They said it best
Mux has enabled us to move 5x faster. We can trust processes like uploading and transcoding are handled really well — and we didn’t have to spend the time and resources on our end building that out.
Bethany Stachenfeld
CEO and Co-founder

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