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Video for e‑commerce that drives conversion

Mux is a powerful API-first video streaming platform that makes building live streaming easy for any development team.

E-commerce platforms that trust Mux:
PBJ Studio

Enhance your shoppable experience with video


Running on the JAMstack? We've got your back.

With clean documentation, powerful APIs, and straightforward onboarding, we’ll bring the streaming infrastructure so you don’t have to be an expert to build video into your web or native applications.

Mux Data

Data to power decisions

Track video views and other engagement metrics to understand how viewers are consuming your content and how it’s driving conversions.


Focus on products, not video infrastructure

We provide battle-tested video infrastructure that won’t get in the way so you can spend more time building unique e-commerce experiences around and on top of Mux.


High-quality video, anywhere, anytime

Whether you’re showing product and brand videos or content straight from influencers and users, Mux will automatically deliver the highest quality video to your audience.

Video, in seconds

Step 1

POST a video

POST the URL of any video file using the Mux API. Mux will ingest the file, create a video asset, and prepare it for streaming.

{ "input":"", "playback_policy":"public" }
The response will show here
Step 2

Stream it anywhere

Add the Playback ID to Mux instantly creates the right renditions for every device and bandwidth, resulting in lower costs and better viewer experiences.{PLAYBACK_ID}.m3u8
Video publishing speed: 0.00s

Scale you don’t have to think about

Our infrastructure scales to handle thousands of concurrent live streamers and millions of viewers. You’ll never have to worry about spinning up additional servers when your product and brand go viral.

Works with all major video players

Rather than require you to use a proprietary player, we made it easy to integrate with any video player you prefer. Don’t have a video player yet? Having built the leading open source web player, we can help you pick the right player for your app.

Improve your video streaming and exceed viewer expectations

Our meticulously designed metrics and powerful filtering tools help you dig deep into what your users are really seeing, around the world and across devices.

They said it best
Mux dramatically improved video delivery and performance, resulting in a better experience for our users, and entirely removed our concerns about a key piece of our stack. We can focus on what matters most to our community: a delightful experience for learning about beauty products
Tyler Faux
Co-founder & CEO

No credit card required to start using Mux.