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Welcome to the Mux Blog

We're a team of engineers, marketers, designers, all passionate about video and the work we create together. Welcome to our blog about video.

An html tag.
07/27/22July 27, 2022(15 days ago)
6 min read

HTML, the Hero of the Web

Wesley Luytenby Wesley Luyten
Engineering6 min read
Here at Mux, we want to empower our users to make the most of our platform. Using web components to build out our Mux elements collection seemed like the most developer-friendly way to do that.
mux and npm logos
07/13/22July 13, 2022(29 days ago)
8 min read

@mux-elements are getting a new (old) home on npm: @mux!

Christian Pillsburyby Christian Pillsbury
Engineering8 min read
All of our Mux Elements are moving from @mux-elements to @mux on npm. In this post, we explain why and introduce some steps we took and tools we built to help with your migration.
Mux logo plus sign Postman logo.
06/13/22June 13, 2022(about 2 months ago)
2 min read

Staying up to date and organized with our Postman collection of API requests

Thuy Doanby Thuy Doan
Engineering2 min read
Mux users can now easily interact with our API via our officially supported Postman collection. Once forked, your collection stays up to date with Mux's API changes.
A picture of a book with a bookmark in it. The book contains a digital video with a playback bar at the bottom.
05/18/22May 18, 2022(3 months ago)
5 min read

Saving video playback progress in your application

Dave Kissby Dave Kiss
Engineering5 min read
In this article, you'll learn how to keep track of video playback progress by building recallable video playback into your application.
an image of a side car
04/18/22April 18, 2022(4 months ago)
10 min read

Envoy as a service-to-service proxy

David Matherby David Mather
Engineering10 min read
This miniseries will talk about some of Mux's usage of Envoy networking proxy within our Kubernetes clusters.
An illustration of a person holding a skateboard covered in internet-themed stickers.
04/05/22April 5, 2022(4 months ago)
11 min read

The skater punk’s guide to MediaRecorder

Dave Kissby Dave Kiss
Engineering11 min read
In this post, you'll be introduced to the MediaRecorder API and learn how it's not so different from operating a video camera IRL.
Two phone illustrations side-by-side. The left one is pink and represents polling. The right one is green and represents webhooks. On the left under polling, the user has to ask for data each time. This is represented by the user chatting to someone and then getting a response back with data. On the right under webhooks, the user never has to ask for data and just gets it. This is represented by the user never appearing in the chat.
03/24/22March 24, 2022(5 months ago)
6 min read

Verify direct uploads with Mux webhooks

Thuy Doanby Thuy Doan
Engineering6 min read
A step-by-step guide on how to use Cloudflare's secure tunelling software to test webhooks in local development.
A glowing upload button with a cursor hand about to click it.
03/10/22March 10, 2022(5 months ago)
10 min read

Direct Uploads with Mux and an Upload Button

Thuy Doanby Thuy Doan
Engineering10 min read
Build an end-to-end direct upload button with Mux Video API, React on the frontend, and Express on the backend.
Picture of a tattoo showing the word "mom" inside of a heart, along with an uptrending line chart
01/18/22January 18, 2022(7 months ago)
25 min read

Make a stats video your MoM would be proud of

Dave Kissby Dave Kiss
Engineering25 min read
In this article, you'll learn how to showcase your video stats by creating a dynamic animated video using Remotion and the Mux Data API.
media-chrome HTML elements
12/02/21December 2, 2021(8 months ago)
9 min read

Building the next generation of video players with Media Chrome

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Engineering9 min read
Here at Mux we've been quietly (or not so quietly) working on an open source project called Media Chrome. We're biased, of course, but as folks who have built a lot of players, we think we've really g ...
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