Published on October 1, 2019 (over 4 years ago)

Have you heard? We support audio-only files, too.

Bonnie Pecevich
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Our customers serve a variety of content types: videos that include audio and just audio-only content. For example, a wellness app could have yoga videos plus listen-only guided meditation recordings. These customers would use Mux to encode and optimize their video assets but had to have a separate workflow to process their audio assets. Not any more!

LinkIntroducing audio-only support

You can now use Mux to manage your audio assets in addition to your videos. So whether you have podcasts, audio books, or any other audio-only content, you can send your audio assets to us and we’ll give you an audio-only HLS stream.

More specifically, pretty much every audio codec and format should work. Give us WAV, Flac, AAC, MP3, Opus, OGG Vorbis or any other audio codec and/or format and we’ll give you HLS for streaming and M4A for downloads.

If for some reason your codec or format doesn't work, let us know and we can probably get it working for you pretty quickly.

LinkThe Benefit

You’ll have a unified workflow for both your audio and video assets. Just like how the Mux Video API makes it easy to stream video, the same API now makes audio streaming easy. The same API call works whether it’s audio or video so you can send us either with no changes to workflow on your side.

LinkAvailability & Pricing

This feature is currently available for video on demand (VOD) only and can be used by all Mux Video customers. Audio-only support costs 1/10th of video - check out our pricing page for specifics.

As always, let us know what you think of this feature and what you want to see us build next.

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