Published on December 22, 2022 (over 1 year ago)

How LyveCom uses Mux to build the best-quality e-commerce video experience

Asiya Gorelik
By Asiya Gorelik2 min readCustomers

Video is essential for almost every industry. It’s been proven over and over again to help businesses engage with their audiences and drive growth.

Our friends at LyveCom are a great example of what incorporating video into your e-commerce platform can do for your unique business. They saw that when people engaged with live video in e-commerce experiences, their intent went up, their time on site went up, and add-to-cart rates increased up to 40%. LyveCom has two audiences: their customers, including brands, products, and Shopify storefronts; and their customers’ customer base: the shoppers. Their customers are creating compelling live videos through LyveCom to engage and convert their shoppers.

LinkKey challenges

Live shopping is so much more than just displaying products in a live stream. It’s a way for brands to offer an interactive and engaging experience for consumers across their digital channels. When producing a live shoppable video, you want the experience to be as seamless and high quality as possible; even a 10- or 15-second lag or poor video quality can dampen the buyer experience and result in fewer dollars spent.

With only a traditional WebRTC platform, LyveCom was running into issues with the quality of their broadcasted live stream experiences. They knew they needed to introduce a flexible video solution that could support a wider range of video types to keep their live streams looking good and conversion rates high.


LyveCom turned to Mux to make sure they could deliver the best video experience for their customers’ needs. They can now broadcast WebRTC to RTMP, or they can use Mux’s low-latency HLS to get the high-quality streaming and seamless interactive experience they were looking for.

LyveCom understands that video is essential to live shopping. They’ve built a long-term video strategy knowing they can rely on the Mux video infrastructure to grow and scale with them.

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