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How Mux + Jump connect the dots between video performance and customer retention

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If a tree falls in the woods….

Streaming metrics are only as valuable as the influence they have on products, the actions they inspire in a business, and the changes they drive in viewer experience. Mux is designed for interoperability with other data platforms and analytics systems to help users make the most of their metrics. The most sophisticated Mux Data customers use the Mux dashboard not only for day-to-day insights and monitoring; they also use it in a headless fashion, exporting data to Mux partners like Jump Data-Driven to connect the dots between video performance and subscriber health and retention.

In the short interview below, I chat with Jesús Herrero, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-Founder of Jump Data-Driven, to provide insights into how our products fit together and to offer a preview of IBC 2023.

LinkHow would you describe Jump Data-Driven to the Mux community?

Jump (Jesús): Jump is on a mission to revolutionize the data landscape for video and streaming services, positioning itself as the ultimate one-stop destination. Throughout the year, I and my co-founder, Jerónimo Mácanas, witnessed the difficulties and complexities industry players faced with their data. This prompted our initial venture as a business analytics firm, which subsequently evolved to encompass diverse facets influenced by data, spanning churn prevention, personalized strategies, and data-driven marketing initiatives. All of our endeavors are singularly focused on empowering video services to optimize their critical business metrics, including heightened engagement, enhanced monetization, diminished churn rates, and the execution of impactful marketing strategies. All of this with the end goal of helping video services improve their key business metrics related to increased engagement and monetization, reduced churn, and impactful marketing actions.

LinkHow would you define the company’s superpower in a unique sentence?

Jesús: Jump's superpower lies in its ability to transform and easily adapt to the data landscape for video and streaming services, providing an all-encompassing solution that empowers businesses to achieve peak engagement, profitability, and marketing impact.

LinkWhat are the metrics your customers care about the most?

Jesús: Based on our experience, I can tell you that there is no standard answer, as each client is unique with different goals and challenges. Furthermore, considering the wide array of business questions and areas we cover, each stakeholder and department within every corporation utilizes our Jump Insights Platform differently.

However, it is true that, in line with industry and market trends, there is a growing demand for specific types of metrics. For instance, at present, Fast and Distribution Channel metrics are highly sought after and desired by all businesses that have adopted these business models.

In an indistinguishable manner, specific metrics are deemed indispensable for the vigilant oversight of video services, particularly those associated with churn prevention, engagement, and viewership.

Mux (Eric): It depends on the role. Within one customer, we see so many different use cases:

  1. CDN owners manage the CDN infrastructure and oversee CDN switching. They use Mux data to make long-term CDN decisions as well as short-term, day-to-day or even in-stream infra decisions.
  2. Analysts, PMs, and revenue teams use Mux in a headless fashion, connecting to a purpose-built system such as Jump or general-purpose data platform like BigQuery to get a full picture of how video performance impacts the overall business.
  3. Ops leaders work with operations and customer support and use Mux to understand issues before their viewers see them. They connect Mux to systems like New Relic for 360-degree observability across products.
  4. Product developers use Mux to ensure optimal performance across devices. Roku should start up as quickly as Fire TV. Android should have rebuffering scores similar to iOS.

LinkHow does the collaboration between Jump and Mux help your customers understand the health of their services?

Jesús: Given the intense competition in the industry, every video service must meticulously manage and possess a profound understanding of their KPIs, on both an operational and business level. This analysis is imperative for delivering exceptional service to each corporation's user base, promoting top-tier video quality and personalized user experiences tailored to user behavior, preferences, and requirements. The collaboration between Jump and Mux enables this, thanks to the synergies created by both technologies.

Eric: Jump solves the puzzle of connecting video performance to customer retention and health. How quickly a video starts up or buffers is useful, but that information becomes more actionable when it’s understood in the context of business impact.

Jesús: The buzz around Fast and Distribution channels is expected to continue, along with the adoption of mixed business models, where AVOD, for instance, would gain exponential strength. This would create room for the need for technologies such as AI and improved analytics to help industry players deliver more targeted ads and improve conversion rates. Furthermore, we have witnessed with the launch of Apple Vision Pro that this type of technology is gaining momentum and finding a place within the industry.

Eric: I agree with Jesús about these trends. From an analytics perspective, I’m looking for ML-driven services that deliver deeper insights on performance and viewership. For example, we’d love to see something that predicts piracy or unauthorized restreaming. I expect there to be a lot of noise, though, as fledgling products rebrand themselves as “AI” to ride the current wave.

I’m hoping we see simplicity come to OTT and connected TV app development — including more support for React Native across the industry.

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