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New lower, simplified pricing for Mux Video

05/06/2021May 6, 2021(almost 2 years ago)
3 min read
05/06/2021May 6, 2021(almost 2 years ago)
3 min read

New lower, simplified pricing for Mux Video

If you’re familiar with Mux Video, you know that the right abstraction is important to us and a core tenet of our service. We strive to make video simple to use and that applies to pricing too. Today, we’re rolling out updated pricing that removes a layer of complexity and makes it that much easier to use Mux.

What’s changingLink to What’s changing

Our previous pricing had separate costs for ingest (encoding) for video on-demand and live streaming. We’re simplifying things by reducing live streaming costs for ingest plus reducing delivery (streaming) cost for both video on-demand and live streaming:

  • Live ingest: $0.07/min → $0.05/min
  • Delivery: $0.0013/min  → $0.0012/min

These pricing changes make it so live streaming is now the same as video on-demand.1 Now video is video is video.

Example of what we don’t want our invoices to look like.

Our features and pricing working in harmonyLink to Our features and pricing working in harmony

One of our coolest features (depending on who you ask) is that every live stream is automatically recorded and available immediately as a video on-demand (VOD) file–for free! This new pricing update doesn’t change that but should make things easier in the sense that when you think about the live stream workflow, the live stream and the resulting VOD now cost the same.

Similarly, with our recently released Clipping feature, you can immediately create a clip from a live stream or an on-demand video. The clip itself was billed as an on-demand video file but now there’s no need to think about different pricing structures. Whether it’s a live stream, video-on-demand, or a clip created from either type of video, they’re all priced the same.

We want to note that we're not just lowering prices on an existing set of features. We plan to continue to add features that are included in this price. Check out our new Pricing page for the full list of features that’s included.

We hope this further removes friction around using video and helps you better forecast costs and simply reduce stress around keeping track of two sets of pricing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly.

But wait, there’s Moore! Link to But wait, there’s Moore!

Compared to images, text messages, and other forms of engagement, video can be expensive. We recognize this and are committed to being a good technology partner to our customers, not just with high-quality video and great experiences, but also by passing on savings as technology advancements allow it. We can point to Moore's Law, advanced video codecs, and machine learning as opportunities on that front making it possible for us to continuously lower costs and make video even more accessible.

  1. For enterprise pricing, depending on usage discounts, live streaming may not be exactly the same price as video on-demand.

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