Published on August 21, 2019 (almost 5 years ago)

New SDK Alert: Shaka Player + Mux Data 🤙

Dylan Jhaveri
By Dylan Jhaveri2 min readProduct

We released a new SDK for integrating Mux Data with Shaka Player.

Shaka Player is created by Google and it's an open-source, free to use, web-based player for DASH and HLS video playback. Under the hood it uses Media Source Extensions and the html5 <video> element that you may already be familiar with. Other features of Shaka player include: support for HLS and DASH live playlists and built-in DRM support with DRM systems like: Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay and ClearKey.

A lot of web-based players are wrappers around HLS.js and Dash.js, we already have SDKs for those. The cool thing about Shaka is that it uses its own media stack with no third party dependencies. For us, that means we had to built a new SDK to collect all your video streaming metrics.

As with all of our player integrations, all you have to do is include the SDK and add about 3 lines of code and you're all set up. See the Web Integration Guide: Shaka Player.

Are you new to Mux Data? We can pretty much integrate with any player and give you detailed data about your video performance. We roll up convenient metrics like "Overall Score" so you can see at a glance how your viewers are doing. We give you rich visualizations and segmentation so you can dig in deep and diagnose any issues that your end users are experiencing. Streaming video on your service without Mux Data is like driving a race car with a blind fold on.

We also have a real-time dashboard so you can visualize all your video views as they are happening (great for displaying on TVs in the office).

Are you ready to try Mux Data for yourself? Sign up here.

At Mux we're committed to building tools to help developers like you build better video. Are we missing something? Do you have any other players you would like to see integrated with Mux Data? We always love to hear your feedback please reach out.

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