Published on April 3, 2019 (over 5 years ago)

Now is the right time to join Mux

Jon Dahl
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Mux is hiring for a number of positions right now - everything from engineering to sales to customer success.

We're hiring because Mux is growing. We tripled the business in 2018, and think we might actually grow faster in 2019. This growth is coming from both of our products: Mux Video and Mux Data are both growing quickly (measured both in terms of technical scale and in terms of sales).

(Mux revenue growth - 2017-2019)

We’ve done this with a scrappy team. Our engineering team across both Mux Data and Mux Video is about 12 people, and we only have two people working in sales. Small teams can be powerful; high trust, motivation, and communication bandwidth mean startups can accomplish big things.

At the same time, there is a lot more that we want to do. Our mission is to help developers stream video better at any scale, by delivering a simple API to Netflix-grade video infrastructure. This is a hard problem. While we've built the foundation, we've got a lot of work ahead of us.

If you're looking for something new, here are four reasons why now is the right time to join Mux.

1. We’re small, but proven. Some people like the safety of joining a company that is already winning. Others like the upside and excitement of a pure startup. Mux is at the stage where we have a bit of both. We’re growing and customers love our products, but we’re early enough that we’re still figuring some things out for the first time. This means every individual on the team still has the ability to personally affect our outcome.

2. Scaling is fun. Admit it - not much feels better (professionally, at least) than seeing charts go up, especially when the growth is driven by happy users. This requires scaling on both the software side (engineering, dev ops) and on the customer side (sales, support, customer success).

3. We have an amazing team. We had an amazing team two years ago, and we’ll do everything in our power to make this still true in five years, but now is an especially interesting time to join a great team. Working with a great team during the early days means you can own a meaningful scope of work, while working closely alongside literally everyone else.

4. The opportunity keeps getting bigger. Video is intuitively a big thing, but when you look at how big it really is - literally most of the internet, and the #3 thing humans do with their time - it’s amazing that video infrastructure is still basically an unsolved problem. To stream video at scale, tens of thousands of companies build literally the exact same thing in a highly unoptimized way, and staff these systems with permanent engineering teams. This is painful and literally keeps some companies from doing video. Whoever solves this problem the right way is going to build a big company.

If you’re interested in Mux, here is what we look for in candidates:

  • Excellence. We want to hire people who are truly excellent at what they do, and never just hire to fill a seat.
  • Values fit. Our values at Mux are: Do a lot with a little, Be human, Turn customers into fans, Communicate clearly and directly, and Care obsessively. Embracing these values is important if someone is going to succeed at Mux.
  • Culture add. We love people who bring new perspectives to Mux, and think diversity (in many forms) makes us stronger.

Take a look at our jobs page. We hire opportunistically, so if you’re interested in a position you don’t see listed, feel free to get in touch anyway.

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Jon Dahl

Co-founder of Zencoder, acquired by Brightcove, where Jon served as VP Technology. Makes better BBQ than code these days.

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