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Is this a hacker?
07/31/20July 31, 2020(2 years ago)
3 min read

Announcing the Mux bug bounty program

Phil Cluffby Phil Cluff
Company3 min read
Today we're really excited to announce the opening of the Mux bug bounty program. Since we started Mux, we've worked hard to ensure Mux is a safe and secure environment for our customers and their vie ...
Color rendering differences
07/29/20July 29, 2020(2 years ago)
10 min read

Your browser and my browser see different colors

Matthew Szatmaryby Matthew Szatmary
Video education10 min read
Most people know some basics of color theory but what many do not realize is how complicated this becomes when we try to record and playback color accurately.
developers, developers, developers
07/27/20July 27, 2020(2 years ago)
5 min read

Developer, Developer, Developer Experience

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Company5 min read
When we use the term "developer experience," we mean our customers are the developers and we're wholly focused on building their experience. Check out our open DevEx roles!
1964 World's Fair vision of weather monitoring in the future
07/01/20July 1, 2020(2 years ago)
6 min read

Why You Should Use a CDN for Video

Scott Kidderby Scott Kidder
Video education6 min read
Online video consumption is accelerating rapidly, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been instrumental in sustaining this growth.
Real-Time Dashboard
06/26/20June 26, 2020(2 years ago)
8 min read

Respond to and Resolve Incidents with the Real-Time Dashboard

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
Product8 min read
Our new Real-Time Dashboard features make things easier to manage when an outage or customer-impacting incident occurs. See what steps you should follow in resolving any incident.
Live Streaming Ingest Checklist
06/22/20June 22, 2020(2 years ago)
8 min read

Traversing the First Mile: Considerations for Live Streaming Ingest

James Williamsby James Williams
Video education8 min read
Regardless of how you choose to do it, getting your video into a platform requires consideration. But what should you consider to ingest live video well? Here’s our top 3 areas for consideration.
film projector images
06/16/20June 16, 2020(2 years ago)
11 min read

Building TikTok: Smooth scrolling on iOS

Nidhi Kulkarniby Nidhi Kulkarni
Engineering11 min read
In this post Nidhi builds a TikTok-like application on iOS. She handles user uploaded videos, merging video content with AVMutableComposition and creating a smooth scrolling with AsyncDisplayKit.
Old timey cash machine
05/19/20May 19, 2020(2 years ago)
10 min read

6 Ways to Monetize Video

Matt Tosiby Matt Tosi
Video education10 min read
After hundreds of conversations on how to best monetize video, we wrote a post that covers some of the top monetization strategies to build a profitable business around video.
from russia with love
05/13/20May 13, 2020(2 years ago)
12 min read

How ClickHouse saved our data

Kevin Kingby Kevin King
Engineering12 min read
The Mux Data platform is used by some of the biggest broadcasters to monitor the video streaming experience of their end users. Think of it like Google Analytics or New Relic for video playback. It's ...
Real-Time Dashboard API
05/11/20May 11, 2020(2 years ago)
5 min read

Access to all your data via the Real-Time Dashboard API

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
Product5 min read
We know a single interface is an important part of customers’ monitoring infrastructure so we wanted to make it easy to use existing tools but still have access to the low-latency, real-time metrics.
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