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Admission Ticket

Oh wow, it's The Mux Informational, our first customer conference!Reserve your spot now.

Admission Ticket

Oh wow, it's The Mux Informational, our first customer conference! Reserve your spot now.

Oak National Academy screen
04/08/21April 8, 2021(a year ago)
13 min read

How Oak National Academy went from vision to virtual education in 6 days [part 1]

Lynnette NolanPhil Cluffby Lynnette & Phil
Customers13 min read
Oak National Academy started with a mission to educate virtually in lockdown. 100 million lessons later, they’re providing zero-rated education. Learn about their launch and approach to accessibility.
04/07/21April 7, 2021(a year ago)
2 min read

More control and management capabilities across Mux

Bonnie Pecevichby Bonnie Pecevich
Product2 min read
We’re excited to give all Mux customers an additional layer of control to manage their accounts with Multi-Organization User Access.
04/06/21April 6, 2021(a year ago)
9 min read

Device detection is a journey, not a destination

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
Engineering9 min read
There are multiple analytics products that use device detection for reporting. How hard could it be? Just throw the user agent at a device detection library and off you go. Nope, wrong.
Improved visibility into your users’ experience
04/06/21April 6, 2021(a year ago)
2 min read

Improved visibility into your users’ experience

Bonnie Pecevichby Bonnie Pecevich
Product2 min read
To help you better improve the quality of your viewers’ experience and diagnose and debug issues, we’ve improved device detection to be more accurate. Because video experiences can vary widely by devi ...
04/05/21April 5, 2021(a year ago)
7 min read

Onboarding new hires from home, the office, and everywhere in between

Venus NajeebBecca Axvigby Venus & Becca
Company7 min read
Like video, onboarding at a new company is hard. At Mux, we’ve put a lot of thought into onboarding and our goal is to have every new hire fully ramped in 90 days.
Building better docs at Mux with Next.js, Open API, Algolia and SwaggerParser
03/30/21March 30, 2021(a year ago)
12 min read

Building better docs

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Company12 min read
We shipped a shiny new docs site: This is the story of why and how we did it. Today, I’m going to talk about some of the usability testing we did that led to that decision, and about how ...
2 Fast 2 Accurate
03/16/21March 16, 2021(a year ago)
4 min read

Fast and accurate Clipping for VOD and live streaming

Bonnie PecevichJosh Allmannby Bonnie & Josh
Product4 min read
Announcing our most requested feature, Clipping. It creates clips that are available immediately and gives the ability to select the exact time to begin and end the clip.
By Shaddack - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
03/15/21March 15, 2021(a year ago)
14 min read

In The Beginning There Was Static: A Brief History of Video, Pt. 1

Ed Roppleby Ed Ropple
Video education14 min read
A discussion about seventy-five years of history in the video space, from around 1927 to 2003, up until the rise of H.264
Tv gov color bars
03/01/21March 1, 2021(a year ago)
5 min read A 10-point plan for how to build a direct, two-way streaming community

Eric Eliaby Eric Elia
Video education5 min read
As innovators in the streaming video industry, we’d like to see a robust video strategy that gives the new administration control not only of stories, but also of the distribution.
Monitoring the health of your live stream
02/24/21February 24, 2021(a year ago)
3 min read

Monitoring the health of your live stream

Bonnie Pecevichby Bonnie Pecevich
Product3 min read
What’s critical for any live stream is knowing that it’s working well. We’re happy to introduce our new Live Stream Input Health dashboard which shows the health of your live stream.
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