Program Date Time: Open Beta Launch!

Program Date Time: Open Beta Launch!

12/17/2020December 17, 2020(over 1 year ago)
2 min read
12/17/2020December 17, 2020(over 1 year ago)
2 min read

Program Date Time: Open Beta Launch!

Updated 8/5/21: This feature is now Generally Available and enabled by default! 🎉 Check out our guide for details.

Have you ever wondered how you can synchronize video playback with other components on your webpage? Or better yet, created a watch party with viewers playing the same live stream? Wonder no more -- Mux Video can now capture “epoch time” of each frame received and include that timing information to the HLS Manifest as EXT-X-PROGRAM-DATE-TIME. This feature has just moved from closed beta and we’re accepting interested developers into our open beta before we offer this out-of-the-box with our Live Video APIs.

Interested developers should fill out the form below to start the beta process. Not sure if this is something you are interested in? Check out the FAQ!

We are looking forward to the awesome ways you are going to be able to use this API!


What are common use cases?

Currently developers are approximating when aspects of a live stream are occurring by using webhooks. The Program Date Time feature helps alleviate these approximation issues by getting a closer and more accurate time.

  • Synchronize live streams with experiences around the video playback like chats, activity feeds, fitness stats collection, etc.
  • Co-Viewing of the live event with each viewer watching the same moment at the same time. No spoilers!

When are we planning on launching?

We are in open beta to try and gather more data on how people are using this feature and how they are using it with as many different players as possible. Once we have had a chance to gather that data, we will then offer this out of the box with Mux Video APIs.

What players do you currently work with?

  • hls.js
  • JW Player
  • Video.js
  • Theo Player
  • iOS Native
  • Android Exoplayer
  • Bitmovin
  • React Native

What does it look like after I sign up?

Once you have signed up we will send you the information to be able to test the feature.

Will this cost extra?

The Program Date Time feature will not cost anything extra during the beta, nor will we start to charge for access to it when it is released to everyone.

Interested and want to learn more about the importance of a feature like Program Date Time? Watch this Demuxed 2018 presentation by Seth Maddison on How to Synchronize your Watches: Cross-platform stream synchronization of HLS and DASH. (psst. Mux is the organizing sponsor of Demuxed’s annual conference).

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