The Mux plugin for Strapi is now Verified

The Mux plugin for Strapi is now Verified

07/28/2022July 28, 2022(22 days ago)
2 min read
07/28/2022July 28, 2022(22 days ago)
2 min read

The Mux plugin for Strapi is now Verified

Some awesome news — we've worked with the wonderful team at Strapi to get our Strapi plugin verified! For the uninitiated, Strapi is a developer-first headless CMS that can be self hosted or run in the cloud. Being verified in Strapi's Market means we went through a process to have the plugin reviewed and approved by Strapi (hence the cool, green "Verified" badge 😎).

Matching the Strapi Design System

As part of this verification, we overhauled the plugin’s UI/UX to better align with Strapi's Design System. Maybe you noticed that the plugin looks a little different. Maybe you couldn't quite put your finger on it. The point is... we went to great lengths to make sure that the there was no disruption to the workflows you're already used to. It's just much prettier now. 😍

Mux Video Uploader - Landing Screen
Mux Video Uploader - Asset Details Modal
Mux Video Uploader - Settings

Copy Snippets to "Get the Player"

We transitioned to using Mux Player as the preview player in the plugin, and we think you will like what you see. We also added a "Code snippet" button so you can easily copy the Mux Player HTML and drop it into your website for streaming video.

Clicking the copy button will automatically add it to your clipboard—

Mux Video Uploader - Copy Snippet

On that note 🎵

What the heck is Mux Player? Well, it's something that we've been working on. ICYMI, you should definitely take a look at our blog post about it. The beautiful thing about Mux Player is that it has all the internals needed for streaming videos from Mux. It's responsive and includes some handy built-in components for customizing the experience.

Built in components not enough? Well, you can extend it with whatever you want because, after all, it's just HTML/JavaScript/CSS.

We hope you find the updates to the plugin helpful and are excited to see how you use it to solve their challenges. We are also very open to getting feedback so please reach out to us if you’d like to chat! \(ᵔᵕᵔ)/

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