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Ben Dodson

Ben Dodson

Data Scientist
Previously operations specialist at Google and consultant at Deloitte. Amateur skier, tango dancer, and foil fencer.
Written by Ben:
05/20/19May 20, 2019(about 3 years ago)
7 min read

How Audience Adaptive Encoding Works

Ben Dodsonby Ben Dodson
Video news7 min read
Mux recently announced our new Audience Adaptive Encoding (AAE). Check out this deep dive into how AAE works and why you should try it out.
11/21/18November 21, 2018(over 3 years ago)
9 min read

Video Analytics Series Part 1: Rebuffering

Ben Dodsonby Ben Dodson
Video news9 min read
Mux receives over a billion video views each month through Mux Data, and we recently spent some time looking at the most important metrics, such as rebuffering percentage, time to first frame, and vid ...
10/03/18October 3, 2018(over 3 years ago)
7 min read

How Our New Mux Data Scoring Works

Ben Dodsonby Ben Dodson
Product7 min read
We were recently excited to announce our new scoring update for Mux Data. Here is an in-depth look into how and why we decided to change our Viewer Experience Score for the better. Score... what is it ...
07/26/18July 26, 2018(almost 4 years ago)
6 min read

ICML 2018: Trip Report

Ben Dodsonby Ben Dodson
Events6 min read
Mux just returned from an exciting week at the 35th International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML). This was our first year attending, and it was great to spend an immersive week in talks and wor ...
04/25/18April 25, 2018(about 4 years ago)
7 min read

Better Video Quality through Deep Learning

Ben Dodsonby Ben Dodson
Video education7 min read
When people watch videos online, their video quality is mostly dependent on their internet connection. Faster internet means better video. This is great for people with consistent high-speed connectio ...
01/12/18January 12, 2018(over 4 years ago)
8 min read

How We Used Machine Learning to win at HQ Trivia

Ben Dodsonby Ben Dodson
Engineering8 min read
For the past three months, half of us at Mux have been obsessed with HQ Trivia, while the other half silently regretted their Android purchases. When that HQ push notification hits at 12, the iPhones ...