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From video API best practices to how to build your own streaming app, brush up on all things video with the articles below.

Building video that scales as your business grows

Video has become a fundamental part of online experiences. We use it to research new products, communicate with friends and colleagues, engage with communities, attend virtual events, and more. For the...

Video Content Delivery Network (CDN): What it is, how it works, and real-life examples

A video CDN caches local copies of video files for faster file delivery. Read about how CDNs work, examples, benefits, and definitions

A Guide to HTTP Live Streaming (HLS): Overview, definition, and considerations

Learn about HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), including advantages, latency, examples, streaming compatibility, and scalability in this guide.

How to build your own live streaming app

A step-by-step guide on how to build your own live stream application using Mux Video and Glitch.

HLS vs Dash

This article outlines key differences and similarities between the popular adaptive bitrate streaming protocols HLS and DASH, including pros and cons.

Video on demand (VOD): An introductory guide with examples and definitions

Video on demand (VOD) is a common industry term for video content that can be watched whenever the viewer chooses. It is an alternative to live or scheduled video content, which can only be viewed at a...

Low-Latency Video Streaming: A Complete Guide With Definitions, Examples, and More

Learn about low-latency video streaming definitions, real-life examples, real-time live streaming, and popular low-latency streaming protocols in our guide.

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