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Color rendering differences
07/29/20July 29, 2020(almost 2 years ago)
11 min read

Your browser and my browser see different colors

Matthew Szatmaryby Matthew Szatmary
Video education11 min read
Most people know some basics of color theory but what many do not realize is how complicated this becomes when we try to record and playback color accurately.
1964 World's Fair vision of weather monitoring in the future
07/01/20July 1, 2020(about 2 years ago)
8 min read

Why You Should Use a CDN for Video

Scott Kidderby Scott Kidder
Video education8 min read
Online video consumption is accelerating rapidly, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) have been instrumental in sustaining this growth.
Live Streaming Ingest Checklist
06/22/20June 22, 2020(about 2 years ago)
9 min read

Traversing the First Mile: Considerations for Live Streaming Ingest

James Williamsby James Williams
Video education9 min read
Regardless of how you choose to do it, getting your video into a platform requires consideration. But what should you consider to ingest live video well? Here’s our top 3 areas for consideration.
Old timey cash machine
05/19/20May 19, 2020(about 2 years ago)
11 min read

6 Ways to Monetize Video

Matt Tosiby Matt Tosi
Video education11 min read
After hundreds of conversations on how to best monetize video, we wrote a post that covers some of the top monetization strategies to build a profitable business around video.
Video observability
05/07/20May 7, 2020(about 2 years ago)
8 min read

What is Video Observability?

Steven Lyonsby Steven Lyons
Video education8 min read
An observable system allows the operator to infer the functioning of a system with just knowledge of its outputs. “Video Observability” describes the monitoring of complex video streaming platforms.
Live streaming decision tree
04/15/20April 15, 2020(about 2 years ago)
9 min read

Intro guide: How to figure out which live streaming platform to use and why

Bonnie Pecevichby Bonnie Pecevich
Video education9 min read
Check out this guide if you're new to live streaming or just starting your research. We compare some of the most well-known live streaming platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and more.
RTMP broadcasting apps for iOS
03/27/20March 27, 2020(over 2 years ago)
8 min read

Guide to RTMP live streaming apps for iOS

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Video education8 min read
This post a guide for going live from an iOS app to rtmp server. I tried 11 of the top apps including Wirecast Go, Broadcast Me, It's My Live, Nari Live, Larix Broadcaster
Live interactive video like hq
02/13/20February 13, 2020(over 2 years ago)
10 min read

How to Build Interactive Live Video (remember HQ Trivia?)

Steve HeffernanDylan Jhaveriby Steve & Dylan
Video education10 min read
Steve and Dylan discuss how you might go about building a live interactive video solution that is scalable.
I will find you and I will pause you
01/23/20January 23, 2020(over 2 years ago)
4 min read

<video autoplay> Considered Harmful

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Video education4 min read
The 'autoplay' attribute for HTML5 video is unreliable. In this post we explain its shortcomings and offer a better solution.
A selection of video frames from "Tears of Steel" showing subtitles in a variety of languages.
01/17/20January 17, 2020(over 2 years ago)
17 min read

Subtitles, Captions, WebVTT, HLS, and those magic flags 🤔

Phil Cluffby Phil Cluff
Video education17 min read
Join Phil on a journey exploring the modern technologies that underly captions and subtitles in online streaming, including HLS, WebVTT, and some magic flags you can set in your HLS manifest!
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