Published on April 9, 2024 (about 1 month ago)

Discover the latest Mux Data metrics and features

Sarah Brown
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As we geared up for IBC last year, Jon shared the work our Mux Data team had been doing to set records with scale, make end-to-end visibility even easier with CMCD, and so much more. Since then, the team has not let up. Over the past six months, our Mux Data team has been focused on features that are core to the product. Our customers’ need for deeper insights into their videos’ performance is stronger than ever. Let's dive into the exciting enhancements and features that we've rolled out recently.

LinkNew metrics & features for next-level insights

  • Ad Metrics: Understanding the performance of ads is crucial for any streaming service. We've introduced metrics that track ad impressions and ad failures, and we’re working on additional metrics such as ad startup time and watch time. Our expanding suite of ad metrics helps you understand your viewers’ experience and enables optimizing your ad strategies for better engagement and revenue.
  • Live Stream Latency Metric General Availability: Customers that use Mux Video streaming APIs or build their own video streaming pipelines need to know: ‘just how live is this live stream?’. Now all customers can answer this question quickly and easily with the launch of our live stream latency metric! Mux Data collects and reports this information automatically so you can track down latency within your pipeline, and see how latency correlates with audience engagement.
  • Metrics Filtering: Dive deep into your data with our advanced metrics filtering. This feature allows you to sift through your data with precision, ensuring you can quickly find the insights that are most relevant to the issue at hand.
  • Failure Severity (Beta): Not all errors lead to catastrophic outcomes, but they can still impact your viewer's experience. This feature allows Mux Data customers to categorize errors as technical failures or business issues and see that reflected in their metrics.

LinkQuality of life and data quality improvements

  • Metrics Page - Date & Time Picker: We've revamped our metrics page with a new date and time picker, making it easier than ever to navigate through your data and pinpoint specific time frames.
  • Device Detection Improvements: We’ve updated our device detection algorithm to more accurately report what devices your audience is using.
  • Mux Monitoring Streaming Export Improvements: Customers subscribe to our Monitoring Samples feed to build their own custom monitoring solutions, often to drive CDN selection. We’ve added new dimensions to our Monitoring Samples feed including ASN, stream type, player name, and more to help customers make more informed real-time decisions.
  • View List Improvements: We added score, watch time, and more to the list of views so you can easily find the exact view you’re looking for.

LinkPerformance enhancements with ClickHouse

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working diligently to increase the performance and reliability of our systems. We switched to using ClickHouse almost 4 years ago, and in that time, there have been tons of new features and performance enhancements that we are now taking advantage of. We’ve completely re-architected the underlying schema, upgraded versions, upgraded machine types, and continue to tune performance.

We’re currently working on adding more caching for faster response times and adding additional tools for us to scale faster horizontally and vertically when we detect big increases in view traffic.

LinkWhat’s next

At Mux, we're committed to providing our users with the tools and insights they need to deliver exceptional streaming experiences. Interested in learning more about what we’re doing with Mux Data? Make sure to book time to talk with our team at NAB in a couple of weeks.

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