Published on February 9, 2022 (over 2 years ago)

Mux is a Strapi Market launch partner

Erik PeñaJohn Reigart
By Erik and John2 min readPartnerships

Mux is proud to be a launch partner for Strapi Market, a marketplace of plugins and integrations, which enable users to instantly add new features to their projects. To coincide with the Strapi Market launch, we not only updated the Mux Video plugin to conform to the new plugin API and design system introduced by Strapi in the latest v4 version, but also packed in a host of improvements. In case you missed our previous how-to guide on working with Mux and Strapi, you can get up to speed quickly here and here.


LinkFind and program experiences faster

Prior to this update, users were only able to upload videos using a simple form. You will now be able to find and modify Mux Assets more quickly and easily by paging through a grid of video and audio files. If clicking and scrolling isn’t your jam, you may also search Mux Assets by their title or id.

LinkAsset deletion

Need to delete that “Rick Roll” video that your snarky testers uploaded to Mux for an internal demo? Unlike Rick Astley, you can give 'em up and delete Mux assets directly from Strapi.

LinkVerify playback prior to publish ✅

Publish new video content with greater confidence. As an Admin user, you can now preview Mux Assets directly in Strapi. Yes, indeed, the video quality is👌 !

LinkWe 💗 audio too

Thanks to our customers for making this request, this one's for you. Although Mux is best known for our unrivaled expertise in all things video, we also care deeply about audio too! With this update you can now upload audio files to Mux directly from Strapi. Once your audio files are ready to stream, program them into experiences using all the same tools as you would a Mux Video asset.

Link…and a little housekeeping

If you happen to be looking for the `MuxAssets` collection type Strapi Admin UI, you should instead configure this in the new UI.

LinkLooking forward

With this update, Mux and Strapi will be able to roll out new features more quickly and reliably. Is there something you would like to see? Let us know. Look for Mux at StrapiConf on March 16 & 17, 2022; we look forward to meeting you!

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