Published on October 27, 2021 (over 2 years ago)

Partnership powers, activate

Eric Elia
By Eric Elia3 min readPartnerships

We’re excited to announce the debut of the Mux Partner Program to accelerate the next generation of great video products. There was a quaint time when a single software suite could meet the needs of a business trying to stream video for the first time. But today, every company is a media company, and there is no one-size-fits-all product to meet all their video needs. In the words of our partner Contentful: today people want stacks, not suites.

We know that great products are not built from single tools or one great technology; it takes many platforms and many different components to create something outstanding. Philosophically, we built Mux to complement other tools.

Our goal with this partner program is to simplify and speed time to market for our customers.

We’ve been delighted by the ecosystem that’s grown organically thus far, and we look forward to supporting many more partners.

There are three pillars of the new program:

  1. Cloud alliances: Tight integrations with cloud technologies streamline workflows and save valuable time, and we're excited to work with major cloud vendors to bring Mux Video and Mux Data to a larger audience. We’re expanding Mux’s capabilities with service-level integrations such as data warehousing and machine learning. To simplify purchase and procurement, AWS and Google Cloud customers can now make Mux part of a larger cloud solution by buying Mux directly through their existing partners.
  2. Platform partnerships: Combine Mux with complementary platforms such as captions services, content management, moderation, community and chat tools, video editing, and live encoding hardware. We’ve developed tight integrations with products and platforms like Agnoplay, Contentful, Sanity, and Strapi. And we've been delighted to find new products emerge that use Mux creatively, including the high-quality live audio product Gramrphone and the Videon broadcast-quality compute platform.
  3. Solutions partnerships: Build your 1.0 with OTT rockstars like Accedo, A Different Engine, Deltatre, or Diagnal. Design your video product with specialized design and development shops like 2Coders, Metal Toad, Qualabs, Rocket Insights, or SweatWorks.

Ensure video looks great at the source with the Mux integration on Videon.

Stream high-quality audio directly from core music apps with Gramrphone.

Mux customers and developers--reach out through your main point of contact and we’ll help facilitate introductions to the right partner.

Prospective partners--how can we combine efforts to help developers build better products and get to market quicker? As a Mux partner, you’ll get all this and much, much, more…

  • Free credits! Start building today with Mux
  • Early access and input to our roadmap
  • Co-marketing and promotion
  • Batphone-level access to support and senior tech resources
  • Collaborate with Mux sales and customer success teams to support mutual customers
  • The best swag

Visit to find a great partner or connect about joining our partner program.

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Founding team at Brightcove, cut teeth at Comcast and @Home. Once held the ceremonial title VP of Tacos. Will take friends of Mux on dive tours of Monterey.

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