Published on May 3, 2023 (about 1 year ago)

Set your player’s OOTD!

Asiya Gorelik
By Asiya Gorelik2 min readProduct

Meg, Dylan, and Christian said it perfectly: When it comes to players, we don’t play games. At Mux, we’re not the “set it and forget it” kind of folks. We’re on a never-ending mission to make developers’ lives easier, so when we launch a new product or feature, we’re always looking for ways we can make them ever better.

Which brings us to some really exciting news — *drum roll please* — the launch of Mux Player Themes!

LinkThemes for Mux Player

We launched Mux Player for developers who want to build their ideal video player faster, with confidence and more control. Since launch, we’ve been doing some research: meeting with customers, digging into the data, you know, the works. And we’ve learned there are some patterns in how developers are customizing their player. So we thought, hey, is there any way we can make it easy for developers to ship these common builds? Enter the Minimal and Microvideo themes for Mux Player.

Before we take a look at these new themes, here's the default Mux Player theme for comparison:

Minimal theme is all about, well, being minimal. This theme offers the bare-bones experience and controls that viewers need, and it’s ideal for those who want a simpler player.

Meanwhile, the Microvideo theme optimizes for shorter content that doesn’t need robust playback controls.

Dig into the docs to learn more.

LinkThemes for Media Chrome

Minimal and Microvideo themes for Mux Player are pretty rad, but in our research, we learned there are some customers who have strong brand guidelines and need more control over their video player. For those customers, we’ve made it easy to create a fully customizable theme in Media Chrome — we’re talking fonts, icons, controls, etc. that you can bundle up and save into a nice, portable package. Oh, and you can most definitely use these custom themes to lay on top of Mux Player.

Everything you need to build themes in Media Chrome can be found here.

LinkAvailability & Pricing

Themes for Mux Player and Media Chrome are available for ✨ free ✨. Our product team will continue to do research and iterate on the Mux Player product; if you have any feedback or questions, reach out to us here.

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